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D+H Mechatronic AG: Quality made in Ammersbek by Hamburg

When it comes to fresh air, we are literally in our element. Because everything we stand for revolves around it. The company began in 1968 with the invention of the first electric motorised smoke extraction system. Thanks to a great deal of passion, more than 50 years later we are one of the world's leading solution providers for innovative smoke vent and natural ventilation systems. People's trust is our drive to continue creating a safe, healthy and comfortable atmosphere in buildings with innovative solutions.

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Production in Ammersbek

In addition to the automation of various production parts, handmade special solutions are our strength. For this we have a very experienced and first-class trained team. This means that D+H offers you a unique know-how for smoke vent and natural ventilation worldwide. And thus also every hand-made special solution for your requirements. As a family-run company, our employees are particularly close to our hearts. To ensure that they feel particularly comfortable in production, everyone has the opportunity to play an active role in shaping their workplace. The one-piece flow process has proven to be optimal.

With this method, each employee assembles entire products piece by piece in his or her production island. This is not only more efficient and improves product quality, but also much more motivating than conventional assembly line work. We are continuing to invest in order to shorten production times, offer maximum flexibility and high availability for customer requirements in the future. In our headquarters and in our vertical range of manufacture. Since 2016, for example, a new, fully automated rod machining centre has been producing housings for our window drives.

A separate housing centre

In the new rod machining centre at headquarters, the ALBZ-100 mills and drills the aluminium housings for our drives. Thus the new machine cuts production times in half. In addition to the time savings, it offers high production flexibility and higher availability for meeting customer requirements. In future, significantly faster response to customer requests will be possible, along with a real boost in the speed of production. The machine, which costs some 450,000 euros, needs only a few seconds for each tube.

Automated efficiency

All surface-mounted device (SMD) components for drives and controllers are produced using automated placement machines. For this purpose, the circuit boards are placed on belts that guide them into the machine. A robot arm positions the electronic components with lightning speed and accurate to the millimetre. The components placed on the board are then soldered using the reflow soldering process. The last step is automated optical inspection of all boards by a high-resolution camera and specially trained personnel.

Modern handwork

The employee-based workflow is a term from the Toyota Production System. This refers to a production system in which production is carried out, piece by piece, by a single employee. Drawing on current insights from research and the sciences, we have developed a special one-piece-flow for D+H. Each employee produces in a production island specially configured for him or her. Special "milk runners" supply them with all the individual parts they need.

Production orders with a certain touch

We record every production order in SAP and forward them directly to the workstations on the production floor. State-of-the-art touchscreens give employees an overview of all pending orders and allow them insight into all important documents relating to the solutions being produced. Even the labels and type plates can be printed through the production data acquisition system. This system has given an enormous boost to the efficiency of our production processes and is a vital component of our Industry 4.0 standard.

Aspiration + Performance

Customer satisfaction through  high product quality is our top priority

We see quality management as an opportunity to continuously improve ourselves. For our customers and for our company. That is why we are constantly working on achieving our quality goals. This includes identifying potential for improvement at an early stage, complying with standards and recording and implementing any further need for action in protocols. Our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Recognising changes at an early stage and already taking preventive action - through regular audits, D+H generates increased transparency and efficiency within the company and thus ensures the effective implementation and management of all processes.

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Sustainability from thought to product

As an independent and value-oriented family business in its second generation, we bear a special responsibility. For the people who work with us. And for the generations that follow us.

It is our conviction that a sustainable way of thinking and living is not only a growing need of more and more people, but has always been the basis of entrepreneurial success, especially for family businesses. Not only ecologically, but also socially and thus also economically successful in the long term. That is why we strive every day to live up to this responsibility and make an active contribution to greater sustainability. And we have been doing so for over fifty years.

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OEM sales: Developing your product ideas

Our specialists for the various market segments work out specific requirements from your ideas. And develop your product with our know-how and your label. Our many years of experience with testing institutes in licensing and certification will help to bring your product safely and smoothly to market maturity. Products only become really good when everyone involved works together optimally. With D+H as your development and production partner, your initial idea becomes a product that moves your market. Whether drives for skylight dome systems, window profiles or entire system solutions up to the lift shaft. Together with D+H, you can rely on high-performance and intelligent drives and control products, a flexible and fast production system, an exceptionally high level of development competence, individual maintenance and our most valuable and unifying product: our experience. We are constantly developing new solutions to meet your highest expectations.

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