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Individual skylight systems for smoke extraction and natural ventilation

Effective smoke extraction + Easy ventilation

Skylight systems from D+H combine smoke extraction options that operate on natural principles with the convenience of intelligent ventilation. The skylight systems consume a minimal amount of current, enabling extremely cost-effective ventilation. With D+H you benefit from a wide range of flexible installation options for various skylight systems, whether as a 24 V or a 230 V system.

  • Lower investment costs thanks to 230 V system

  • Optimum aerodynamic smoke extraction with rapid opening to 172°

  • Optimal power transmission, resulting in minimal strain and long service life of the fan frame and hinges

  • High-level protection of the drive unit, so it can be used almost anywhere

  • Quick installation and easy handling thanks to modules pre-installed at the factory

  • Replacement for pneumatic systems in building renovations

  • Highly flexible system, ideal for renovation projects

Course of the opening skylight dome

Powerful + variable

The flexible skylight system in the SDS 3 Series adjustable for customer requirements

Our product range for your smoke vent or ventilation solution with a skylight

  • Opened cps-m control cabinet with mains connection

    CPS-M Series
    Our SHEV solution for any building where the amount of wiring needs to be reduced by using 230 V window drives. The 230 V AC SHEV system also provides an emergency power supply for 230 V drives in the event of a power failure.
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  • D+H skylight system SDS 3

    SDS 3 Series
    With an opening angle of up to 170° and a force of up to 2200 N, this skylight system is virtually unbeatable. Continuous adjustment to all skylights from 800-1200 mm including emergency unlocking. Available in 24 and 230 volt versions.
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  • D+H skylight system SDS 2

    SDS 2 Series
    Our SDS 2 skylight system consists of a drive unit and a skylight-specific installation set. A force of pressure of 3000 N and a running speed of 11.1 mm/s make this system the optimal solution for opening and closing skylights.
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  • D+H Touch panel TP-R2-S

    Kinco display
    All functions can be programmed by the user and the touch panel interface can be individually adapted according to customer requirements. Often required by fire departments.
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  • D+H wind / rain sensor WRS-S

    WRS-S Series
    Wear-free measurement of wind velocity and precipitation using sensors. Customised preselection of the wind limit values in 16 levels. A heated precipitation sensor prevents incorrect measurements in the event of dew and fog. 
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  • D+H ventilation button LT 84-U-V

    LT Series
    Even more convenient ventilation: our ventilation switch allows your windows, flaps and skylights to open to the maximum stroke at the touch of a button.
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  • D+H SHEV operation panel RT 45

    RT 45 Series
    The RT 45 SHEV operation panel is used to trigger and reset SHEV systems. Additional display elements for operational standby, alarms and faults are available.
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  • D+H optical beam smoke detector SD-O 371

    FD-T Series
    The FD-T 271 thermal differential detector effectively raises the alarm in the event of a fire. Visual alarm signals that cannot be ignored make it a dependable helper in an emergency.
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  • D+H SHEV control panel CPS-B1-2.5-0101

    CPS-B Series
    Incredibly easy to install, our compact CPS-B smoke vent control panel embodies 50 years of expertise. Intelligent housing design with removable cover. Simple click-together installation to insert the control board and additional modules.
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Power packages for the roof

Powerful system with ingenious additional functions: SDS 3 – the flexible professional skylight system.

Even the basic equipment version of the SDS 3 drive and hardware solution offers impressive flexibility and high performance. Intelligent, easy-to-configure additional functions make the SDS 3 Series the ideal drive system for any rooflight, such as skylights or continuous rooflights. Existing SDS 3 systems can be upgraded using individual system components at any time. This saves valuable storage space for any skylight manufacturer. SDS 3 Series systems open and close even the heaviest skylights reliably, with a clear opening width of up to 2 m.

The Flex system, part of the SDS 3 basic equipment, turns even the entry model into the perfect drive for clear opening widths of 0.8 m to 1.2 m. With an installation height of less than 30 cm, the SDS 3 system can also fit in extra-flat skylight fixtures. A maximum opening angle of up to 170° can be achieved for ventilation and smoke extraction applications. This innovative rooflight drive solution features the open sky view design, enabling a clear view of the sky.

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D+H skylight system SDS 3
  • Skylight dome system with maximum opening angle

    Flex system

    Infinitely variable from 800 mm to 1200 mm 
  •  Skylight dome system with Powerpack (optional)

    Power Pack

    With additional pneumatic spring to reduce current consumption
  • Skylight dome system from above

    Extension kit

    Adapts the system to the dimensions of the rooflight
  • Modular, expandable electronics for the skylight dome system

    230 V module

    Increases the voltage supply to 230 V
  • Mechanical locking for the skylight dome system

    Emergency unlocking

    Opens the skylight in the event of a fault, or if the voltage supply fails
Skylight dome system and high-performance rack and pinion drive

Provides maximum performance where it is needed: the SDS 2 skylight system.

The high-performance drive from the DXD Series is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications in combination with smoke extraction and ventilation for skylight systems. In addition to the drive unit, the skylight drive system (SDS) also includes a suitable installation set for various skylight providers. The drive unit is well protected, enabling it to be used even under difficult ambient conditions, such as moisture and dirt.

A high-speed function in the rack and pinion drive enables especially fast opening of the dome in case of fire. In addition, intelligent force, speed and path management provides the system with an intuitive feel for the situation during start-up and shut-down. An attenuated return flow also protects fan frames and hinges.

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A highlight for any roof

Skylight systems in the shopping mall: Graz Nord shopping centre

D+H skylight systems allow you to fulfil the highest requirements for natural smoke extraction in accordance with EN 12101-2 as well as for controlled ventilation. In addition to quick and safe opening in case of fire, you can implement effective ventilation in everyday use. It was used in the renovation of the Graz shopping centre, where a new shopping experience was built on an area of approximately 10 000 m² in late 2015.

An architectural highlight is the 10-metre-high canopy that combines two catering pavilions with the large main hall. Roof openings and skylights from Eberspächer ensure plenty of natural light and fresh air for the rest areas on the curved promenade below, and create a pleasant atmosphere for shopping and strolling.

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