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D+H MagazinE driven

Our customer magazine for planners, architects and window manufacturers

Read exciting object reports, get insights into our product innovations or take a look behind the scenes of the D+H Group.

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Latest edition:

  • Object report
    A new landmark for the Baltic Sea metropolis of Szczecin
  • Product innovation
    Rooflight for everyone: The customisable SDS 3 series skylight dome system
  • Saving energy
    Plan your lift shaft smoke ventilation system the simple way and save on energy costs
  • Simulation, not trial and error
    More safety at less costs for SHEV solutions
  • Sustainability
    Timber construction to unexpected heights with state-of-the-art technology 

Edition OBLIQUE:

  • True innovation
    This bracket can be used to even the heaviest windows
  • Rising at an angle
    When function follows form – Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • A radiance all its own
    Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation at Heilbronn's new landmark
  • Easy SHEV planning
    Determine the right window drive easily online
  • No more danger
    Natural ventilation reduces the risk of infection 

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