Ensuring the quality of our products has the highest priority for us.

We see quality management as an opportunity to continuously improve ourselves. For our customers and for our company. That is why we are constantly working on achieving our quality goals. This includes identifying potential for improvement at an early stage, complying with standards and documenting and implementing any further need for action in protocols. Our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Recognising changes at an early stage and already taking preventive action - through regular audits, D+H generates increased transparency and efficiency within the company and thereby ensures the effective implementation and management of all processes.

What is important to our customers ...

For us, quality means meeting and exceeding the demands of our customers. A well-functioning quality management system is therefore essential. Because we know the importance of quality, we have aligned our quality checks and processes with the requirements of our demanding customers. This begins with the quality planning of the individual processes and procedures. That is where process and work instructions as well as corresponding descriptions are defined. Specific quality assurance measures relevant to manufacturing and assembly are set out in product-related documentation.

We not only monitor internal processes, but also external ones. For example, we regularly check the quality of our suppliers. For this purpose, we have developed our own test procedures that enable holistic quality management. The aim of D+H process management is to create lean and efficient structures and to constantly improve them.

... and what we promise them

We have always believed in the quality label "Made in Germany". All D+H products are tested under strict quality controls before they leave our premises. The high quality of D+H products is an essential component of our D+H strategy and extends from the development and purchasing of high-quality parts to the production of our products.

Following this strategy, we give our quality promise for certain products:

5 years on drives and control panels as well as

10 years against rusting through or breakage on chains, racks and spindles

Please talk to your local D+H sales and service partner about the specific conditions and details.