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We make buildings all over the world breathe

For over 50 years, the D+H Group has been a strong brand and driver of innovation. And combines the family character of the regionally anchored company culture with the growing global demands and challenges of an international group with subsidiaries worldwide. In cooperation with our global partner network, around 550 employees are working to make work to make buildings all over the world safer and more comfortable  through our technology and expertise.

As a provider of fresh air and a lifesaver, we do not only produce intelligent solutions that open and close windows in buildings. D+H is far more than just technologies for smoke vent and natural ventilation. We make buildings breathe! And with that, we provide protection and safety as well as comfort and well-being to people. This is where we have based our brand promise: BUILDING ATMOSPHERE.

D+H logo in red on a white background with "building atmosphere" lettering
World map with countries highlighted where D+H is represented

We find solutions for fundamental needs: When it comes to safe and healthy atmospheres in buildings, we are in our element.
Dirk Dingfelder, Chief Executive Officer

Board, Dirk Dingfelder, stands in the office and smiles

Filling spaces with life. Safety that becomes the norm. And solutions that leave the standard behind: our brand promise in moving images.

There are many awarded aspects at D+H

D+H products and solutions have already received numerous national awards. In 2017, the D+H Group received the "German Brand Award" in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding - Buildings & Elements". D+H is also represented on the VDMA best list as "Best of German Engineering".

But also our subsidiaries worldwide have already received many awards. For example, our subsidiary in Poland with the "Fire Product" Award 2017 or in 2019 with the "Top Builder" Award for our CDC window drive.

  • orange award "best of german industrie"

    Best of German Industry 2024

  • Logo "TOP BUILDER 2022" written in black and red

    TopBuilder 2019

  • Logo - German Brand Award Winner in black / gold

    german brand award 2017

  • Logo "FIRE PRODUCT AWARDS | Expo 2017" written in black and red

    Fire Product Award 2017

  •  Logo BOB - BEST OF BUSINESS TO BUSINESS, in the background a black curved b

    Best of Business-to-Business 2018

  • Logo - Großer Preis des MITTELSTANDES of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung, in the background a golden Oskar torso

    Grand Prize of the Medium-Sized Companies

  •  "BILDUNGS & TALENT MANAGEMENT 2015" seal including TÜV and EuPD Research | Sustainable Management Certificate

    German Education Award

  • Logo - German Design Award, NOMINEE 2014, on a blue background

    German Design Award NOMINEE 2014

  • Seal "Top 100 -Innovator 2012" in gold / black

    TOP 100 Innovator