D+H Mechatronic AG: From Ammersbek out into the world, but always down to earth

At the headquarters of our group on the green edge of Hamburg, the solutions for which D+H is known worldwide are developed and produced. This is where we ensure the highest standards and certifications for what the D+H brand has stood for over the last 50 years.

This trust of our customers is our motivation to continue creating a safe, healthy and comfortable atmosphere in buildings with innovative solutions.

A strong brand for a global network

D+H combines the family character of our regionally anchored corporate culture with the growing global demands and challenges of an international group. We are enthusiastic about people who are curious and courageous enough to keep thinking in new ways and see change as an opportunity. This is how we create a climate of innovation with plenty of room for ideas and individuality.

As a manufacturer, we produce quality with the "Made in Germany" label. For complete services from a single source in the areas of smoke extraction and ventilation, a global network of 10 subsidiaries as well as service and sales partners worldwide is available to our customers.

In second generation for the company and the employees

D+H Mechatronic AG, the holding company of the D+H Group, has been operating as an independent family business for decades. The founding fathers Henner Dingfelder and Helmut Kern have successfully passed on the management board to their sons. Since 2023, the long-standing co-representatives Maik Schmees and Mirko Matenia have joined the managing board.

The exceptionally high company affiliation of the approximately 250 employees at the manufacturer's headquarters in Ammersbek speak for themselves: a family-like atmosphere exists here.

Board, Dirk Dingfelder, stands in the office and smiles

Dirk Dingfelder

Chief Executive Officer

Chief technical officer, Maik Schmees, stands in the office and smiles

Maik Schmees

Chief Technology Officer

CSO, Christoph Kern, stands in the office and smiles

Christoph Kern

Chief Sales Officer

Chief financial officer, Mirko Matenia, stands in the office and smiles

Mirko Matenia

Chief Financial Officer

International operations and regional engagement at the same time

For us, regional solidarity means not only a firm commitment to the manufacturing location of Ammersbek, but also the support of the entire business environment. Despite the growing globalisation of the market and a foreign turnover of now more than 60 percent, we still offer the most jobs at the headquarter with more than 250 positions - and this in the second generation already. In addition, there are about 10 apprenticeship positions every year, which we fill with young local people whenever possible.

At the Ammersbek headquarters, five different career paths are open to young people in the commerce or crafts sectors.
For decades, the board members have been actively involved in the presidiums and management levels of the most important trade associations, guilds and chambers, such as the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and the German Central Association Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry (ZVEI). We also regularly support "Paulinchen", an initiative for children with burn injuries.

  •  Logo "Handwerkskammer Hamburg" written in blue

    Hamburg Chamber of Crafts

    Connected to the craft
  •  Logo "DIE FAMILIEN UNTERNEHMER", ASU in pink and beige


  • NFE Norddeutscher German Electrical and Information Manufacturers' Association

  • Logo "ZVEI: Die Elektrioindustrie" written in blue

    ZVEI - Central Association Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry e.V.

  • Logo "Paulinchen e.V." written in black

    Paulinchen e.V. - Initiative for children with burn injuries

  • Logo - AfB social & green IT written in blue and green

    AfB gGmbH - Work for the disabled

  • Logo "VFE - Verband Fensterautomation und Entrauchung" written in black, blue and red

    Window Automation and Smoke Extraction Association