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Faster to the job - Career at D+H

Appreciation, team spirit, decisiveness, partnership and family - these are some of our corporate values that we live by at D+H. Our employees are the heart of our mission. Only through them can we create technologies and develop solutions that make buildings breathe and therefore bring protection and safety as well as comfort and well-being to people. To ensure that the feel-good factor is as high as possible for all our life-savers and fresh-air providers, we as an international group direct our brand promise BUILDING ATMOSPHERE not only externally, but also internally.

Allow me? Global player with a sense of family!

Our roots are in Hamburg, but we are at home in the world. If you want to work on projects with a great deal of creative freedom and enjoy working in a team with a high degree of personal responsibility, you will feel at home with us - and well beyond Hanseatic borders. If you have ideas, the power of persuasion and the courage to get things moving, you can and should proactively help shape our international success story. Flat hierarchies and short decision-making channels, as well as a transparent and clear corporate vision, help us to achieve this.

Bet quality wins!

As a market-leading company in our sector, we manufacture products and solutions "Made in Germany" at our headquarters in Ammersbek. Architects, planners, metal and facade builders and system houses know: Where D+H is written on it, there is also the plus of quality, maintenance, knowledge and experience inside. It goes without saying that quality begins in the mind and requires the right attitude. That's why we always ask ourselves when getting to know new colleagues: Does the person fit in with us both personally and professionally? Does he or she identify with D+H and our high quality standards? This is important to us because we want to maintain the values of the family business.

Not just good, but excellent: The D+H talent management

On the path towards the future, we also think about your personal career: with individual further training opportunities and related career opportunities, which you discuss with your supervisor in regular employee development meetings, we value and promote individual ambitions and encourage learning. Because as a family business, we are particularly interested in promoting talent within our own company. The fact that we have succeeded in doing this to date is reflected, among other things, by the award of the German Education Prize.

 "BILDUNGS & TALENT MANAGEMENT 2015" seal including TÜV and EuPD Research | Sustainable Management Certificate
Head of department human resources and organisational development, Yannic Meinhold, sits on an office chair and smiles

We create technology for a safe life. Therefore, the customers' conscious choice to buy from us, as well as the decision to hire new employees, requires trust. It is particularly important to us that people fit in with us, that they are authentic and complement our family-like working culture with a lot of heart and mind.
Yannic Meinhold, Personnel manager

From the first step into the working world to becoming a professional

Above all, the career path should be one thing: Individual. From initial career orientation as part of a student internship, an apprenticeship or a student trainee, to starting a career as a junior, to becoming an experienced expert - there are many different paths leading to our headquarters.

We warmly invite you to become part of our great team. You can find more information about current job offers at D+H here. There is no suitable position for you at the moment? We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application. Sometimes hidden opportunities become concrete needs 

  • Get to know your skills and talents as part of a holiday job / internship or get a taste of what it's like to work for us, e.g. by taking part in Girl's Day or Social Day
  • Start your training. Many interesting apprenticeships await you, such as industrial clerk, mechatronics technician, IT systems clerk, etc
  • Find out more about training at D+H and get to know the trainees personally on their Instagram account

More information about the training

  • Gain interesting insights through a voluntary student internship or a mandatory internship in the commercial or technical area (duration from eight weeks to six months depending on the study regulations)
  • Combine theoretical knowledge with valuable practical experience as a student trainee and support the specialised departments in exciting projects
  • Work between 15 and 20 hours per week as a student trainee (enrolment is a prerequisite, flexible working hours possible in consultation with the supervisor)

  • Come on board at D+H as a junior with a completed vocational training and/or degree
  • Take on professional responsibility right from the start in a personal atmosphere and get to know project and team work at a globally active medium-sized company
  • Take advantage of short decision-making processes, flat hierarchies and varied tasks for the greatest possible learning effect

  • Take your chance for advancement and become a specialist or grow into a leadership role
  • Actively shape the company, think in a results- and customer-oriented way and enjoy taking responsibility
  • Inspire others with your own ideas, above-average persuasiveness and passionate commitment

Plenty of room for diverse opportunities

We have enough space - and not only in the shape of square metres. Rather, we mean room for individual development. As diverse as the competences are distributed in the corridors of the headquarters, they are also exciting. As a manufacturing company, it is not only production, development, technology and quality management that have their offices in Georg-Sasse-Straße.

Departments such as Supply Chain Management, Sales, IT, Product Management, Marketing, HR as well as Financial Accounting and Controlling are also almost door to door in Ammersbek. A brief insight into some of the exciting areas is provided in advance by our dear colleagues.

Development Department, Norbert Leufen, stands in the office and smiles

Our in-house research and development expertise extends from the first stroke to the market-ready product. Whether mechanics, electronics, embedded software or front-end development - our developers are the all-rounders among the specialists at D+H.

The coolest and still most beautiful moment for me, even after 18 years as an electronics developer, is when I assemble a sample circuit board for the first time and put it into test operation and see: it works! I'm proud when my idea and the first draft schematic are turned into a product - and I even feel a little proud that it's my product.
Norbert Leufen, electronics developer

Production worker, Rafik Amji, smiles

On approx. 5,500 sqm of production area, our state-of-the-art machinery supports our approximately 90 specialised personnel in the manufacturing of D+H products "Made in Germany" as series or individual production.

I really enjoy working in final installation. For the most part, I can arrange my orders on several lines independently and freely, and I'm always assembling different products. The performance comes all by itself when you feel comfortable and trusted.
Rafik Ajmi, Production employee

International sales manager, Matilde Dabelstein, smiles

BUILDING ATMOSPHERE moves the globe: people from all over the world contribute solutions to make life in buildings much more comfortable and safe. As a globally active company, we love cultural diversity and customers love our international networking.

The increasingly specific demands of the international market and the associated individual customer requirements are not only taken seriously by us, but are also precisely implemented in a collegial team. The satisfaction of my customers is my motivation - for 3 decades out of dedication.
Matilde Dabelstein, International Sales Manager

IT project manager, Richard Lange, stands in the office and smiles

From IT support and sophisticated software solutions to IT infrastructure management and international SAP projects and communication systems: the very wide field of our information technicians is and remains exciting and extremely variedly.

There is a saying: "Those who do not dare, see problems. Those who dare find solutions." The second applies entirely to D+H. Especially in IT project management, you have to be allowed to master the art of making complex things simple on the way to a solution. And yes, we are not only allowed to do this, we are supposed to do it.
Richard Lange, IT Project Manager

We are happy to answer personnel questions personally

Human Resources Officer, Nicole Behrends, stands in the office and smiles

Nicole Behrends

Personnel management & recruiting specialist

+49 40 60565 217

Kira Lücke

Personnel management & recruiting specialist

+49 40 60565 214

Junior personnel officer, Jil Komm, stands in the office and smiles

Jil-Marie Komm

Personnel management & recruiting specialist

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Our employees make buildings breathe and ensure safety and comfort. We call this: BUILDING ATMOSPHERE