safety+ comfort

Our system solutions provide fresh air in buildings - and can even save lives in an emergency

With high-precision window drives and intelligent control technologies, we ensure a healthy indoor climate and comfort worldwide, as well as plenty of air to breathe in case of fire.

From international airports to large shopping centres, architecturally sophisticated museums to complex office buildings and sports stadiums - D+H brings intelligent and certified solutions for state-of-the-art building automation to every facade and roof.

Architects, specialist planners, metal and facade constructors as well as system vendors know: Wherever D+H is labeled, there is also the plus of quality "Made in Germany" inside.

Regardless whether comfort, energy savings or safety is required: controlled air exchange is the fundamental operating principle of our solutions.

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Even in a system solution, the quality of each individual subcomponent is crucial - from the drive to the button

Chain drive inside view

Window Drives

Our drives ensure that air is supplied and extracted - safely, functionally and aesthetically

Variable module technology in orange connected to a power supply unit

Control Panels

Our control panels work digitally and modularly - scalable for projects of all dimensions

Operating Elements

The orange SHEV button has almost become the icon of an entire industry

From stairway smoke extraction to complex requirements for star architects: D+H always offers an economical, individual and safe solution.