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Intelligent system solutions from D+H for architecturally outstanding buildings

In 2019, we have launched the D+H Atmosphere Award. And thereby created the opportunity to honour the most innovative and outstanding projects of our service partners and sales companies.

Every two years, we present this award and use videos, pictures and reports to bring the often hidden solutions from D+H to light for interested parties and experts. Because more than 100,000 buildings worldwide breathe through our system solutions for smoke extraction and ventilation.

And in 2022 it's that time again: We have honoured the most spectacular projects with the D+H Atmosphere Award.


Platinum Winner 2022: The unique Sara Kulturhus in northern Sweden - climate-positive in operation and built with sustainably sourced, traditional materials from the region.

From Sydney to Manchester: an overview of all other award winners from 2022

The D+H Atmosphere Award honours outstanding project participation by our sevice companies and sales partners. All over the world, D+H enables certified and economical system solutions - even where the highest architectural demands are a priority.
Christoph Kern, Chief Sales Officer

CSO, Christoph Kern, stands in the office and smiles

Since its beginning, the Atmosphere Award has honoured outstanding projects worldwide - from historic temples to the ecological working world of tomorrow.