High vertical range of manufacturing "Made in Germany": our production in Ammersbek

In order to keep production times as short as possible, to offer maximum flexibility and high availability for customer requirements, we are constantly investing. In our headquarters and in our vertical range of manufacturing. For example, a new, fully automated rod machining centre has been producing housings for our window drives.

With the consistent expansion of automation in production, we have taken an important step towards the future. This has enabled us to reduce production costs, increase efficiency and improve quality. And best of all: automation has not been at the expense of our workforce.

To ensure that errors, if at all, only occur at our factory we check all parts several times. Indeed, after each work step. But at least four times between goods receipt and final installation. This is what we mean by quality "Made in Germany".

In addition, we aleady carry out load tests in the development phase. Every drive has to pass continuous heavy-duty tests with 10,000 to 20,000 double strokes to prove that it meets our high quality standards.

Besides the automation of various production parts, handmade special solutions are our strength. We even have a very experienced and first-class trained team espeacially for this. And therefore also every handmade special solution for your requirement. As a family business, our employees are particularly close to our hearts. To ensure that they feel comfortable in production, everyone has the opportunity to play an active role in shaping their workplace.

For this, the one-piece flow process has proven to be the optimal solution. With this method, each employee assembles entire products piece by piece in his or her production island. This is not only more efficient and improves product quality, but also much more motivating than conventional assembly line work.

From precise manual craftsmanship to fully automated production

Automated efficiency

All SMD (surface-mounted device) components for the drives and operations are produced with automatic placement machines. For this purpose, the circuit boards are placed on conveyor belts in the machine. A robot arm places the electronic subcomponents with lightning speed and millimetre precision. The components placed on the board are then soldered using the reflow process. Finally, an automatic optical inspection of all boards is carried out by a high-resolution camera and specially trained staff.

Modern craftsmanship

The employee-driven workflow is a term from the Toyota Production System. This refers to a production in which the manufacturing is carried out piece by piece by an employee. In dependence on current research and scientific results, we have developed a special One-Piece-Flow for D+H. Each employee assembles in his or her own specially designed production island. Special "milk runners" supply them with all the necessary individual parts.

Our separate housing production

In the new rod machining centre at the headquarters, the ALBZ-100 cuts, mills and drills the aluminium housings for our drives fully automated. The new machine reduces production times by half. In addition to saving time, it offers high production flexibility and greater availability for customer requirements. It will be possible to react much faster to customer requirements and to produce much more quickly in the future. This machine, which cost around 450,000 euros, takes only a few seconds per tube.

Production orders with touch

Every production order is recorded in SAP and forwarded directly to the workstations in production. On modern touch screens, the colleagues have an overview of all upcoming orders and can view all important documents relating to the solutions to be produced. Even the labels and type plates can be printed via the production data acquisition. A system that has increased the efficiency of our production process enormously and is an important component on our way towards Industry 4.0.