Long-term entrepreneurial thinking and action is fundamentally sustainable

As an independent and value-driven family business in its second generation, we bear a special responsibility. For the people who work with us. And for the generations that will follow us.

It is our conviction that a sustainable way of thinking and living is not only a growing need of more and more people, but has always been the basis of entrepreneurial success, especially for family businesses - not only ecologically, but also socially and economically. That is why we strive day after day to continue to live up to this responsibility and to make an active contribution to greater sustainability. And we have been committed to this for over fifty years.

At D+H, we are very fortunate to be able to create something with our solutions that also directly leads to more sustainability in building operation. Our systems for controlled natural ventilation, for example, not only ensure a healthy work and living climate in buildings. They also have lower energy consumption than conventional air-conditioning systems and therefore produce less CO2 emissions during operation. In other words: they help to secure resources.

And our smoke and heat extraction solutions are designed to protect buildings from high temperatures and prevent serious damage to them. In an acute emergency, they are made to save lives.

But for us, that is only the foundation on which we build. Because sustainability does not automatically result from the solutions we produce. Sustainability must be deeply anchored in a company and also lived out in the supply chain as well as in every stage of production. By collecting environmental data, we control the value chain of our products, from purchasing to production, transport and disposal.

Our products therefore contribute to green building concepts with natural ventilation or lift shaft smoke extraction being certified according to LEED or DGNB. And thereby offer a decisive competitive advantage.

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Environmental Product Declaration Drives

Environmental Product Declaration Controls

There are many starting points to become a more sustainable company. We have already implemented some of them concretely

As a manufacturing company, we have already been taking concrete sustainability measures along the entire supply chain for two decades. Therefore, long before the discussion about a supply chain law, we decided to base our purchasing at D+H on a cross-sector Code of Conduct: Our purchasing is certified by the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME), we have long been voluntarily committed to the BME Code of Conduct.

We have installed a functioning environmental management system at D+H in accordance with the valid DIN ISO 14001 standard for many years. This is confirmed annually in the required audits. 
For us, this also includes precisely recording environmentally relevant consumption data. And the fact that we have been using green electricity since 2009 already seemed as good when we made the decision as it does today.
Our active waste and recyclables management also puts us in a position to reduce waste - or even avoid it altogether and recycle valuable raw materials.

And last but not least, we also offer many opportunities in the area of mobility. For example, we have recently created an interesting alternative for a more sustainable way to get to work by leasing a job bike. We also offer an employer's subsidy for the "Deutschlandticket" to get to our companys headquarters, which is located directly at an underground train station.

Promoting further advancement, protecting health and making work more flexible

Expanding a company sustainably also means leading employees to success. It is about raising individual potential and promoting it in a targeted manner. For this, D+H was awarded the German Education Prize in 2015.

This also means that all employees at D+H can actively contribute to the sustainability of our company through our idea management portal.

 "BILDUNGS & TALENT MANAGEMENT 2015" seal including TÜV and EuPD Research | Sustainable Management Certificate

D+H has also received several awards as a training company. We received the highest rating of 5 stars from Capital magazine for our outstanding standards in apprenticeship training.  Every year, around a dozen young people begin their journey into professional life at D+H's headquarters in Ammersbek. They are almost always taken on, and quite a few are already celebrating their double-digit company anniversary in our group. This also expresses the determination, anchored over generations, to maintain economic and social responsibility and further advancement.

An aerial view of 25 colleagues or trainers of the year are set up in a heart shape, with a D+H logo in the middle.

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone at D+H to combine family and career. This is achieved through flexible working time models and goes far beyond that with our programme for the individual organisation of working time and holiday. Where possible, working from home is considered common practice at D+H and is a fundamental requirement for flexible working hours.

And if things don't go so well? Even then we are there for our employees! With the independent Fürstenberg Institute (Hamburg), which supports the health and performance of employees in companies. Our employees and also their family members can turn to professional help anonymously and free of charge if there are problems - regardless of whether it is professional or private conflicts or challenges.

Quality management officer, Hans Georg, stands in the office and smiles

Our motivation is to make our company and our product solutions as sustainable as possible in order to remain an attractive employer and competitive business partner in the future.
Hans Georg Rietz, Quality Management Officer

Sustainable business - not just in your own company

We also believe that social sustainability should not be limited to the sectors and interests of our own company. That is why we support the "Elbe Werkstätten", by placing production orders there on a permanent basis. The "Elbe-Werkstätten" provide jobs for around 3,100 people with disabilities.

Our products save lives. And preventive fire protection is our main concern. For many years, we have supported the advisory and preventive work of Paulinchen e.V. in caring for children with burn injuries.