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This requires a closely coordinated network so that everything runs smoothly from purchasing to final delivery. That is an extremely complex task with many interfaces due to internationalisation.

At D+H, purchasing is integrated into a holistic supply chain management (SCM) system. This also includes other company departments such as material management, logistics and the qualitative inspection of incoming goods. SCM sees its role as a link along the supply chain. The focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction while taking economic aspects into account. 

Purchasing is structured according to the main material groups of electronics, mechanics and merchandise. These main material groups each include strategic-technical and operational purchasing. We have bound our long-standing suppliers to compliance with our principles along the supply chain by means of a "Code of Conduct" and have been following action with words for a long time.

Round logo "BME VERBAND, CODE OF CONDUCT" in the colors blue, green, turquoise

We are a company certified by the German Association of Material Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) and are committed to the Code of Conduct.

The BME Code of Conduct covers the fundamental rules on:

  • Fighting corruption

  • Agreements contrary to cartel law

  • Child and forced labour

  • Compliance with ethical principles towards suppliers

  • Compliance with human rights

  • Environmental and health protection

  • Fair working conditions

The BME Code of Conduct also refers to the international legal framework such as the "UN Global Compact" and therefore to worldwide, cross-company connections.

With our supplier management, which is based on partnership, we rely on fair, trusting and long-term cooperation and demand-oriented growth prospects.
Florian Labudda, Head of Supply Chain Management

Director supply chain management, Florian Labudda, stands in the office smiling

Range of requirements

  • Electronic components

  • Electromechanics/Electronics

  • Fine mechanical drawing parts

  • Plastic injection moulding parts

  • Metal Castings (Aluminium, Zinc)

  • Electrical material

  • Packaging

  • Printed matter

  • Occupational safety

  • Office supplies

  • Operating and hazardous materials

  • Services

  • Energies

  • Production/testing technology Investments

  • Other industrial and overhead supplies

  • IT/Telecommunications

  • Mobility Fleet

  • Mechanics/Tools

  • Advertising/sales promotion

Supplier application

Please fill in our supplier self assessment accordingly and send it with further information about your company (e.g. company brochure or presentation, machine list, references) to