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August 2023

Timeless encoding, contemporary terms

For many years, we at D+H have used the terms master and slave when encoding drives. We think it is time to change these terms, even though they have long been established in information technology. In future, we will speak of main and sub in our documents and of client and server in relation to Modbus RTU as an open interface.

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AIO Basic close-up
May 2023

First VdS "Prove" certificate for D+H product

With the new "Prove - Powered by VdS" certificate, VdS offers a new product certification according to international standards. The first Prove certification for fire protection technology has been awarded to the BlueKit control CPL-B for lift shaft smoke extraction. It was certified in accordance with the global standard ISO 21927-9.

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Chief technical officer, Maik Schmees; Board, Dirk Dingfelder; Board, Christoph Kern and Chief financial officer, Mirko Matenia  stands next to each other and smile
March 2023

New members of the board

As of March 1, 2023, the Executive Board of D+H Mechatronic AG will be expanded by two additional members. The previous authorized signatories and members of the management, Mirko Matenia and Maik Schmees, will now continue in their previous areas of responsibility in the role of the Executive Board.

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Chief Financial Officer Mirco Matenia, President Laurent Lenoble, Managing Director Joël Ferryand and Board Christoph Kern standing arm in arm and smiling at each other
October 2022

Founding of D+H France

On 03.10.2022 D+H Mechatronic AG founded its French subsidiary D+H France SAS. It will be the tenth sales and service branch of the German family-owned company based in Ammersbek near Hamburg. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of smoke extraction and ventilation solutions, D+H provides proof that its own system solutions are also highly relevant on the French market.

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© Photo Visit Skellefteå
October 2022

D+H presents the Atmosphere Awards in 2022

More than 100,000 buildings worldwide can breathe thanks to D+H smoke extraction and ventilation system solutions. Once again this year, the most spectacular projects from service partners and sales companies won D+H Atmosphere Awards. Outstanding solutions - installed in challenging architectural settings - in Sweden, Australia, France, England and Germany received awards.

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February 2022

New standard for SHEV controllers published

An important part of the standard DIN 18232-9, which sets out the requirements for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, has been revised and was published by DIN in December. This means that the requirements for power supplies and the minimum requirements for control panels are now clearly defined. D+H smoke vent control panels are certified to this effect by VdS and satisfy the minimum requirements in accordance with ISO 21927-9 which have been incorporated into DIN 18232-9. This means even greater planning certainty for architects and planners involved in the project planning of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems.

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