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The world's largest selection of certified NSHEV

A natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator (NSHEV) represents the interaction of all the components of a smoke extraction solution – from the window profile to the drive.

All individual parts of a defined NSHEV system require safety certificates. Since 2006, the valid EN 12101-2 standard requires that all NSHEV components are configured in compliance with the standards, and are subject to elaborate testing procedures. Solutions from D+H feature safety from the most renowned testing institutes and remain the largest selection of certified systems worldwide. This provides optimum planning reliability for all relevant projects – without additional cost.

  • Maximum planning and application reliability, confirmed by renowned testing institutes (VdS, MPA and IFI Aachen)

  • Largest range of EN 12101-2 solutions on the market

  • No additional costs for NSHEV

  • NSHEV calculations with the professional myCalc software

  • Knowledgeable contact persons with comprehensive NSHEV and SHEV expertise throughout the world, certified specialist companies in your area

  • Proven aerodynamic efficiency and calculation of geometric smoke extraction areas 

  • Save time in the planning process

A NSHEV must always be used in Europe if natural smoke extraction is required by the building code. In Germany, this is above all stipulated in the building code for special structures such as places of assembly, shops, schools, museums and hospitals. This includes proving the aerodynamic efficiency of the smoke-vent area of a NSHEV (natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator) in accordance with EN 12101-2.

Testing of the NSHEVs is divided into various performance classes. These are indicated on the CE marking. Therefore, in the tendering processes, the specialist planners and architects in charge of the building project must select NSHEV classes that satisfy the requirements. In Germany, there are different regional requirements for wind and snow loads. The temperature resistance of the entire NSHEV must be ensured for at least 30 minutes at 300 degrees Celsius. 

In addition to having their functional safety tested, devices which are also used for everyday ventilation must be opened to the ventilation position 10,000 times. Our NSHEV solutions offer the largest selection of certified systems on the market and the guarantee that you can always offer your customers maximum safety. 

D+H has developed the perfect solution for creating an NSHEV. When we plan to launch a drive on the market, it is tested and certified in conjunction with all profile systems of common window manufacturers. They obtain the appropriate CE label and declaration of performance (DoP), which means that the sash is fully certified. You get this additional benefit for all D+H products exclusively and without additional costs.

Safety in an architectural context

Solution at Höfe am Brühl shopping mall

At the Höfe am Brühl shopping centre, a D+H smoke vent solution with certified NSHEV provides maximum safety. This solution was also designed with aesthetics in mind. The NSHEVs in the roof consist of six triangular sashes that open outwards like the petals of a flower. 

They are powered by D+H rack and pinion drives from the DXD Series. Wind deflectors ensure that smoke can escape in the event of a fire, even if it's windy.