Training in the use of our products

Drives and controllers plus BlueKit solutions for lift shaft smoke extraction: Take advantage of our expertise

The D+H Academy provides product training for installers and maintenance technicians. Training covers installation, commissioning, service and maintenance. Participants learn about D+H Group drives and controllers as well as peripheral devices such as smoke vent buttons and sensors. The most important question answered is: How are the components of the D+H product range connected and configured to build a SHEV system? There are also learning resources and product training courses available for BlueKit lift shaft smoke extraction solutions.

Our aim is to share our expertise in D+H products. After completing the training, participants will be able to install and service D+H SHEV systems. For more information, contact our D+H product trainers.

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The best of both worlds with the D+H Academy

A combination of online and in-person learning provides both basic knowledge and more advanced practical skills. 

At D+H we harness the benefits of different forms of learning. That's why our training courses are based on the blended learning principle, combining online material with in-person training. After successfully completing the online courses or webinars to achieve a basic level of knowledge, participants receive additional practical training at our in-person workshops.

Only D+H-certified professionals are optimally trained to install and handle our products. Certificates awarded by D+H are valid for two years. Product training courses offered by D+H ideally complement national safety aspects.

View the course catalogue on our manufacturers page. 

Learn from the comfort of your desk

In our multi-part training courses, participants all attain the same level of knowledge through the online sessions. The online material covers all the necessary basics. The webinars present the product range as well as covering installation and maintenance. In the online courses on D+H products such as controllers and drive technologies, learners acquire knowledge that is then expanded during the in-person workshops. Many of the online courses can be booked for free.

Here in Ammersbek

The practical training at our own premises is designed to deepen your knowledge and equip you with the skills you need. It consists almost exclusively of practical exercises, with a minimum of new theoretical content. Some of the online courses in the course catalogue can be supplemented if required by an optional in-person course, for which a charge applies.

The levels in detail

From beginner to expert: Online and in the classroom

The different levels, from beginner to expert, offer a different amount and intensity of product training and are designed to build on one another.

Only when you have completed all the required modules in a course are you entitled to be awarded a D+H certificate.

On our beginners' courses you will acquire fundamental knowledge about D+H products and technologies. After successfully completing the course, you will be able to apply this knowledge to simple solutions.

Advanced courses provide more in-depth knowledge about D+H products and technologies. After successfully completing the course, you will be able to use advanced functions and more complex solutions.

On our expert training courses you will learn about complex applications, interfaces and solutions using D+H products. These are often explained with the aid of real and fictitious case studies.

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The D+H Academy takes training and knowledge transfer to the next level, delivering the same quality that you'll find in D+H products.
Svend Leisering, Head of Sales Internal Service

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