Mechanical smoke extraction for even greater safety in case of fire

Fresh air + and fully-fledged technology

The thermal properties of flue gases and fresh air are not always sufficient to ensure safe, reliable smoke extraction from a building. There is the risk of suffocation or smoke inhalation. This issue can be addressed by using fans and smoke extraction ducts. When the function of a smoke and heat exhaust system (SHEV) is achieved with these motor-driven fans, this is defined as mechanical smoke extraction (MSE).

  • Especially fast and effective smoke extraction from buildings or underground car parks 

  • Intake and exhaust air paths are opened to prevent negative pressure

  • Supply air openings near the ground prevent smoke turbulence

  • Balance between outgoing smoke and incoming fresh air

  • With D+H solutions the flow velocity of fresh air corresponds to standard specifications

Property-specific design according to use

D+H helps you plan the ideal smoke and heat exhaust system for your building – guaranteed.

The use of a mechanical smoke and heat exhaust system is recommended in particular in multi-storey buildings, interior facilities and underground car parks. Systems for mechanical smoke and heat exhaust ventilation also provide protection in shopping centres, large-scale industrial buildings, logistics centres, power plants and heating facilities.

They increase the likelihood of rescuing people who are still in the building. MSE makes firefighting operations in the building easier for the firefighters and helps protect property as well as prevent operating failures. In daily use, MSE provides general ventilation and extraction and reliably vents the building after a gas leak, such as of CO, NO2 or LPG.

What components make up an MSE system?

Versatile solutions using a wide variety of components are where the intelligent solutions from D+H deliver their full performance.

Mechanical smoke and heat exhaust systems are usually customised for a property. In other words, they are planned and then manufactured based on the application. Such a system typically consists of smoke extraction fans, automatic intake air openings, smoke extraction flaps, fire dampers, fire detectors and a control panel such as the CPS-M1-MSE from D+H.


The individual components of the system are combined into one complete system, installed and calibrated. After that, the control panel guarantees fully automated and coordinated operation of the system. In case of fire, the system goes into operation automatically as soon as smoke is detected. The system can also be triggered manually at any time.

Overview of the products

These D+H products can be used to control and monitor mechanical smoke extraction systems 

  • D+H MSE control panel CPS-M1-MSE

    Control system for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and automated natural ventilation that can be modularly expanded to meet individual requirements. 
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  • D+H chain drive CDC-0252-0350-5-ACB

    CDC Series
    Universal chain drive for profile-integrated or mounted installations: The CDC Series meets up-to-date design and function requirements.
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  • D+H rack and pinion drive ZA-0800-0500-1-PLP

    ZA Series
    Our rack and pinion drive for roof and façade windows as well as for skylights.
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  • D+H SHEV operation panel RT 45

    RT 45
    The RT 45 SHEV operation panel is used to trigger and reset SHEV systems. Additional display elements for operational standby, alarms and faults are available.
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  • D+H optical beam smoke detector SD-O 371

    SD Series
    The SD-O 371 optical smoke detector is equipped with an alarm indicator and function check.
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  • D+H AdComNet Modbus gateway GW501-MRTU-0200

    Modbus Gateway
    The Modbus gateway enables communication between AdComNet bus and Modbus-based solutions.
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One controller, many possible applications

Our CPS-M1-MSE control panel is the perfect component for simple through to highly complex solutions.

The CPS-M1-MSE controller is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. It is a control panel for controlling systems designed to prevent the spread of smoke, heat and fire – and it can be expanded to meet individual requirements. The CPS-M1-MSE controls and monitors all components and regulates the power supply for the entire system. In everyday use, it is also suitable for controlling ventilation systems in buildings. Above all, however, the CPS-M1-MSE demonstrates its special capability in complex systems such as a mechanical smoke and heat exhaust system. The programming and structure of the CPS-M1-MSE are based on fire scenarios or on relevant directives for the design of ventilation systems. 

  • Modular configuration of controller according to individual requirements

  • Additional assemblies can be retrofitted at any time

  • Freely programmable with the user-friendly D+H SCS software

  • Not dependent on the software and programmers of other PLC manufacturers

  • Supports Modbus RTU-based bus communication ACB

  • Additional cable is not required for end position messages of the ACB drives

  • Very little wiring is required, which significantly reduces the overall costs of the system

  • In the event of a power cut the system continues to operate smoothly due to the emergency power supply

  • Low energy requirements for the controller in emergency operation

To the product
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Service technician sits in front of cps-m control cabinet and programs using scs software

Individual software programming

All you need to automate a mechanical smoke and heat exhaust system is the SCS software developed by D+H. Installers have been using this particularly user-friendly software for years to configure and run diagnostics on AdComNet networks. The CPS-M is easy to configure with the SCS software using drag and drop. It is also easy to combine multiple lines and groups with one another in large and complex networks. In this case it doesn't matter which controller the individual AdComNet components are connected to. The SCS software can be used to configure all the elements from any point. Examples of functions that can be adjusted via the software are smoke protection links, a timer or lockout function and minimum links.   

Aplication examples

Mechanical smoke extraction solutions by D+H 

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