CDC Series   Chain drives


  • Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust; D+H Euro SHEV in accordance with EN 12101‑2; and for daily ventilation

  • Perfectly suited for profile integrated and surface mounted installation

  • Low running noises thanks to the innovative acoustic decoupling of the drive components

  • Universal bracket sets for installation of all commonly available profile systems

  • With motor electronics controlled via microprocessor

  • "TMS+" tandem safety function for operating 2 drives on one sash

  • Option of chain stroke programming via magnet

  • Reprogrammed opening stroke is transmitted to the tandem drive

  • Programmable drive functions and different drive parameters

  • Running speed in CLOSED direction decreases to 5 mm/s (passive closing edge protection)

  • Time-controlled reversing when an obstacle is detected in the CLOSED direction (active closing edge protection)

Approvals / Certificates

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Designs and technical data

CDC-0252-0350-1-TMS+ -R
Supply 24 V DC / ±15 % / 0.6 A
Duty cycle 30 % (ON: 3 min. / OFF: 7 min.)
Force of pressure 250 N
Tensile force 250 N
Nominal locking force ** 1500 N
Service life 20000 double strokes *
Stroke 350 mm
OPEN running speed 6.7 mm/s
OPEN running speed - SHEV 9.4 mm/s
CLOSED running speed 5 mm/s
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* For vertical use, please consult with D+H Sales!
** Depending on the mounting, *** in accordance with VdS 2580

Instruction for use
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Tender documents
CDC-0252-0350-1-TMS+ -R

The matching bracket for CDC-0252-0350-1-TMS+

Range of application
Drive position
Opening direction
Opening type
Notice: This product recommendation is based on the available and limited data and filter options. To determine a suitable installation solution, further information on the installation situation, the window profile and the usage requirements is necessary. For the specific selection of a suitable bracket for installing to the window, use our myCalc configuration tool or contact our project consultants directly and personally for planning support.