RZN-M Series   SHEV control panel - compact

RZN 4408-K

  • Compact SHEV control panel - AdComNet ready

  • Tested and certified according to ISO 21927‑9, VdS 2581, VdS 2593, VdS 2344 and DIN EN 12101‑10, fulfils the building authority requirements in accordance with DIN 18232-9

  • Up to 8 A total drive current

  • Stabilised output voltage

  • Switchable SHEV safety functions: Fault equal to alarm, SHEV retriggering function and smoke detector remote reset

  • Option to combine SHEV / building alarm function

  • Integrated comfort functions for daily ventilation

  • Optional connection to rain detectors or wind / rain sensors without an additional module

  • Connection of up to 8 SHEV operation panels and 14 fire detectors per line (Only detectors permitted by D+H may be used)

  • Min. 72 hr battery backup supply

Approvals / Certificates

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Designs and technical data

RZN 4408-K
Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 240 VA
Stand-by power 4.5 W
Output 24 V DC / 8 A
Ripple < 2 Vss
Mode of operation monitoring Continuous duty
Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation Short-time duty 30 % duty cycle
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C
Line / Group 1 / 2
Battery type Typ 8 (2x)
Weight 2.9 kg
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Instruction for use
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RZN 4408-K