• Different drives in different sizes

D+H drive series at a glance

Chain drives

VCD Series

Professional ventilation, universal design

This chain drive is especially quiet when opening and closing façade windows, making it ideal for everyday ventilation. Our most compact window drive for mounted installation.

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D+H chain drive VCD 204

CDC Series

Quiet star performer

Super quiet drive technology, can be integrated in the profile. The CDC Series chain drive has a stroke of up to 1300 mm. Thanks to ACB bus technology, multiple drives can be activated at the same time.

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D+H chain drive CDC-0252-5-ACB

KA Series

The flexible device that does it all

Extremely rugged, durable and reliable: the SHEV chain drive from the KA Series is the timeless classic for mounted installation. Can be used nearly anywhere thanks to a variety of bracket solutions.

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D+H chain drive KA

CDP Series

Stylish high-performance drive

One of the most powerful chain drives on the market: the CDP Series handles heavy window sashes and NSHEV roof windows, even with high snow loads. Suitable for SHEV and ventilation applications.

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D+H high-performance chain drive CDP 1500-BSY+

Rack and pinion drives

ZA Series

Reliable expert for roofs

Our rack and pinion drive for roof and façade windows as well as for skylights. The ZA Series is suitable for SHEV in accordance with EN 12101-2 and everyday ventilation .

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D+H rack and pinion drive ZA

DXD Series

Heavy lifters built for endurance

Our powerful devices combine endurance and power. The DXD Series has a service life of 20,000 double strokes and a force of pressure of 3000 N. Up to four rack and pinion drives can be controlled synchronously.

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D+H rack and pinion drive ZA and DXD

Louvre drives

LD Series

The fresh air specialist for louvres

With a force of up to 1800 N, the LD Series opens and closes even the heaviest louvre windows quietly and reliably. Also available with ACB bus technology for direct integration in the building management system.

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D+H louvre window drive LDx-1-PLP, LDx-5, LDx-1-ACB, LDx-5-ACB

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Different drives in different sizes