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SHEV controllers

CPS-M Series

Fully modular lifesaver

The fully modular, pre-assembled CPS-M SHEV control centre is our most innovative development project. Depending on requirements, it has six combined RT and RM lines as well as ten separately controllable motor connections.

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cps-m control cabinet

CPS-B Series

Practical and sophisticated

Our extremely compact CPS-B impresses with its intelligent housing design with removable cover and foolproof click assembly. This makes it easy to insert the central board and the additional modules.

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Product image of an assembled cps-b

RZN-M Series

Flexibility and security

Our versatile RZN-M SHEV modular controller provides for the actuation of SHEV drives with up to 8 A total current. With 2 fire compartments, 3 drive groups and an expansion slot for an additional module, the RZN-M is highly flexible.

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Compact Smoke extraction systems control panel

RZN-T Series

Compact performances

The RZN-T combines a smoke and heat extraction control panel, ventilation button and release button in one housing. With its 3 A output, the most compact control panel from D+H is ideal for stairwells and individual rooms.

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Compact smoke extraction control panel especially for stairwells

Natural Ventilation Controllers

GVL Series

Natural ventilation specialist

The GVL is ideal for small applications such as individual rooms and conservatories. With up to five ventilation groups and a possible total current of up to 8A, it is our most powerful version for controlled natural ventilation.

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You can see a gray compact ventilation center with a white background

VCM Series

Invisible ventilation expert

The plain flush-mounted VCM central unit for controlled natural ventilation can be controlled via push-buttons as well as wind and rain signals. It opens a ventilation group safely while remaining hidden in a deep switch box.

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White compact ventilation center

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