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  • VCD 203

    The 24 V VCD 203 chain drive is especially quiet when opening and closing façade windows, making it ideal for daily ventilation operation. Our most compact window drive for mounted installation, with 200 N force of pressure and with a stroke of up to 250 mm. 

    VCD 203

  • VCD-0203-1-ACB

    The 24 V VCD-0203-1-ACB chain drive is ideal for ventilation purposes thanks to its Advanced Communication Bus technology. Based on the Modbus RTU protocol, all ACB drives can be easily integrated into an existing building management system.


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  • VCD 204

    VCD 203's big brother: Our VCD 204 chain drive ensures fresh air every day with windows that open up to 350 mm. The aesthetic solution for reliably opening and closing façade and roof windows.

    VCD 204

  • VCD 204-TMS+ Set

    Our set for larger ventilation windows with a safety cut-off: Two chain drives in tandem operation communicate with each other in the VCD 204-TMS+ Set and work together to ensure twice the force. Power supply that can be looped.

    VCD 204-TMS+ Set

  • VCD-0204-1-ACB

    Not quite as compact as the VCD-0203-1-ACB but offering a longer stroke: The VCD-0204-1-ACB chain drive opens your windows up to 350 mm. Thanks to ACB technology, all drives can be controlled with precision down to the millimetre.


  • VCD 204-K

    The VCD 204-K is the 230 V model of the VCD 204 for controlled natural ventilation. The stylish chain drive for daily use can be connected directly to a button and can be used without a control panel.

    VCD 204-K

  • VCD 204-K-TMS+ Set

    The VCD 204-K-TMS+ Set includes two compact 230 V chain drives for daily ventilation. Equipped with an integrated TMS+ tandem safety cut-off for simultaneous shutdown in the event of failure or overload cut-off. Can be used without a control panel.

    VCD 204-K-TMS+ Set

  • VCD-0204-5-ACB

    Compared to the 24 V version, the VCD-0204-5-ACB can be supplied using significantly smaller cable cross-sections, which reduces costs. Like the other ACB drives, up to 32 drives can be addressed separately on a single line thanks to virtual grouping.


  • CDC-0252-0350-1-TMS+

    Integrated into the profile or mounted: the CDC-0252-0350-1-TMS+ is the most compact drive in the series at 350 mm. The TMS+ tandem safety system ensures that the chain drives in tandem are switched off as soon as one of them hits an obstacle.


  • CDC-0252-0600-1-TMS+

    If standard is more than sufficient: the CDC-0252-0600-1-TMS+ is a standard variant of the CDC with ACB technology like its smaller companion. Like the entire CDC-0252 Series, it can be integrated into profiles or mounted. In addition, these drives operate particularly quietly.


  • CDC-0252-0800-1-TMS+

    Incredibly quiet and hardly visible: the CDC-0252-0800-1-TMS+ is the largest drive of the CDC-TMS+ series at a stroke of 800 mm. As in the smaller variants, the noise emission during opening and closing have been reduced to extremely low 35 dB(A) so that the drive is barely audible. In combination with the side hung bracket (BS-CDC-VSH) it is possible to open a window sideways up to 90° with a CDC with 800 mm stroke.


  • CDC-0252-0350-1-ACB

    Super quiet drive technology, can be integrated in the profile: Our CDC-0252-0350-1-ACB chain drive with the most compact design of the series features a stroke of 350 mm. Thanks to ACB bus technology, multiple drives can be activated at the same time.


  • CDC-0252-0500-1-ACB

    Universal chain drive for profile-integrated or mounted installations: The CDC-0252-0500-1-ACB meets up-to-date design and function requirements. Featuring a 500 mm stroke, it makes virtually no noise when opening and closing your windows thanks to intelligent drive technology.


  • CDC-0252-0600-1-ACB

    Incredibly quiet and nearly invisible: Our CDC-0252-0600-1-ACB chain drive with a stroke of 600 mm can be integrated into wood, aluminium and plastic profiles. Thanks to smart decoupling in the drive technology, it is virtually silent.


  • CDC-0252-0800-1-ACB

    Revolution in drive technology: The CDC-0252-0800-1-ACB chain drive features a stroke of 800 mm and can be integrated flawlessly into building automation thanks to ACB bus technology. In combination with the side hung bracket (BS-CDC-VSH) it is possible to open a window sideways up to 90° with a CDC with 800 mm stroke.


  • CDC-0252-0350-5-ACB

    Likely the quietest way to automatically open windows: We reduced the sound pressure level of the CDC-0252-0350-5-ACB chain drive to a minimum. The 230 V power supply unit has smaller cable cross-sections and reduces costs.


  • CDC-0252-0500-5-ACB

    Can be used in almost all air/smoke ventilation scenarios: Our CDC-0252-0500-5-ACB chain drive is supplied with 230 V of power. This makes installation even easier. You save time and money.


  • CDC-0252-0600-5-ACB

    Quiet star performer: When the CDC-0252-0600-5-ACB chain drive opens your windows, there is hardly any noise. It features a stroke of 600 mm and can be integrated flawlessly into building automation thanks to ACB bus technology.


  • CDC-0252-0800-5-ACB

    The largest design in the series: The CDC-0252-0800-5-ACB features a stroke of 800 mm. This enables our chain drive to create an incredibly large opening width for your windows. Perfect for natural ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation.


  • CDC-TW-0502-0500-1-ACB

    You can even open larger windows with almost no noise: Our CDC-TW-0502-0500-1-ACB chain drive consists of two chains in a housing. The advantage: Double the power, but installation is just as easy.


  • CDC-TW-0502-0800-1-ACB

    Double the power and a consistent load distribution on the window sash: The CDC-TW-0502-0800-1-ACB features two chains, each with a stroke of 800 mm. As a result, it can open very large windows.


  • KA 34

    Extremely robust, durable and reliable: Our KA 34 SHEV chain drive is the timeless classic with 300 N for mounted installation. Can be used nearly anywhere thanks to a variety of bracket solutions.

    KA 34

  • KA 34-BSY+ Set

    The chain drive set for precise synchronous operation of two drives on one window element: Our KA 34-BSY+ Set is especially quiet in ventilation mode and opens your window within 60 seconds in case of fire with the help of its high-speed function.

    KA 34-BSY+ Set

  • KA 34-K

    Reliability in 230 V: The SHEV KA 34-K chain drive offers many advantages for easy installation and opening windows conveniently.

    KA 34-K

  • KA 54

    KA 34's big brother: Just as robust and reliable but the KA 54 SHEV chain drive is significantly more powerful with 500 N. Exceptionally flexible and universally applicable. For mounted installation.

    KA 54

  • KA 54-BSY+ Set

    Universally applicable, extremely robust and flexible as a result of its design: two powerful KA 54 SHEV chain drives in a set, supplemented by BSY+ technology for control down to the very millimetre. Only for mounted installation.

    KA 54-BSY+ Set

  • KA 54-K

    Our robust SHEV classic in the 230 V version: The KA 54-K chain drive features outstanding reliability and durability much like the KA 54. However, it can be used without a control panel thanks to its 230 V supply.

    KA 54-K

  • KA 34-K-BSY+ Set

    The reliable KA 34-K-BSY+ SHEV chain drive with a 300 N force of pressure and tensile force for position-synchronous use, thanks to BSY+ technology. This compact 230 V drive with integrated power supply unit is available individually or as a set of two.

    KA 34-K-BSY+ Set

  • KA 54-K-BSY+ Set

    Powerful, compact SHEV chain drive with a 500 N force of pressure and tensile force. Available as a set of two or individually. The KA 54-K-BSY+ has an integrated power supply unit, which enables 230 V to be connected directly. The BSY+ motor and synchronised electronics provide control which is accurate to the millimetre.

    KA 54-K-BSY+ Set

  • KA 66-TW

    Doubled tensile and force of pressure with equal load distribution on the window sashes: Our SHEV KA 66-TW chain drive features two KA 34 drives in a single housing. For simplified installation and low maintenance and service costs.  

    KA 66-TW

  • KA 66-TW-K

    The same functions and performance values as the KA 66-TW, but with a direct supply of 230 V: Our KA 66-TW-K has two chains that open window sashes evenly with a force of pressure of 300 N each.

    KA 66-TW-K

  • CDP 1500-BSY+

    One of the most powerful chain drives on the market: The CDP 1500-BSY+ handles heavy window sashes and NSHEV roof windows with 1500 N, even with high snow loads. Our heavyweight for powerful SHEV and ventilation applications.

    CDP 1500-BSY+

  • CDP 1500-K-BSY+

    The heavy duty drive for the most stringent requirements for force in the 230 V variant: The CDP 1500-K-BSY+ also opens very large, heavy façade and NSHEV roof windows using BSY+ technology with the force and position synchronised. Power supply that can be looped.

    CDP 1500-K-BSY+

  • CDP-TW 3000-BSY+

    Our most powerful SHEV chain drive: The CDP-TW 3000-BSY+ for very large glass designs is used in shopping malls, airports and everywhere else there is a need for maximum force and the toughest architectural demands.

    CDP-TW 3000-BSY+

  • CDP-TW 3000-K-BSY+

    Appealing design thanks to its narrow construction: The CDP-TW 3000-K-BSY+ opens large NSHEV roof windows as well as heavy windows and flaps. A synchronisation of up to 2 drives is possible using BSY+ technology.

    CDP-TW 3000-K-BSY+

  • ZA-0300-1-PLP

    Our rack and pinion drive for roof and façade windows as well as for skylights. The ZA-0300-1-PLP is ideal for SHEV in accordance with EN 12101-2 and daily ventilation with a low current consumption of only 0.5 A.


  • ZA-0800-1-PLP

    The ZA-0800-1-PLP is the all-rounder of our rack and pinion drives: It provides the perfect balance of current consumption and power. It is more powerful than the ZA-0300-1-PLP with 800 N of force of pressure and tensile force.


  • ZA-1000-1-PLP

    Tried-and-tested design with extra power: The ZA-1000-1-PLP visually resembles the ZA-0300-1-PLP, however, it is significantly more powerful with 1000 N of force of pressure and tensile force up to a stroke of 800 mm.


  • ZA-1500-1-PLP

    The strongest drive in the ZA Series: The ZA-1500-1-PLP even opens the heaviest window sashes using  a force of pressure of 1500 N. Despite its impressive power, the drive is sensitive enough to identify obstacles while closing and to start opening again automatically thanks to the closing edge protection.


  • ZA-0300-1-ACB

    Optimal for smaller loads: Despite its low current consumption, the ZA-0300-1-ACB delivers a respectable 300 N and features ACB technology with all the advantages of this bus technology - compact and efficient.


  • ZA-0800-1-ACB

    Reliable roof expert with ACB technology: Our ZA-0800-1-ACB rack and pinion drive opens and closes heavy windows and skylights with ease. By means of the integrated bus system, all status messages, such as the exact opening stroke, OPEN and CLOSED status, etc. can be read out.


  • ZA-1000-1-ACB

    Balanced in terms of force and current consumption: Our ZA-1000-1-ACB rack and pinion drive opens and closes heavy windows and skylights with ease. Thanks to the ACB bus technology based on Modbus, it can be integrated directly into the building management system.


  • ZA-1500-1-ACB

    Maximum power and the latest technology: At 1500 N, the ZA-1500-1-ACB rack and pinion drive with ACB bus technology opens even the heaviest windows and skylights while also being controllable down to the millimetre.


  • ZA 105-K

    The ZA 105-K provides a boost in performance and durability. This rack and pinion drive applies 1000 N of force of pressure and tensile force, which can be controlled directly using 230 V of voltage. This means a significantly smaller cable cross-section is sufficient and makes installation a breeze.

    ZA 105-K

  • ZA 35-K-BSY+

    The robust ZA 35-K-BSY+ with a 300 N force of pressure and tensile force can be connected directly to 230 V. Ideal for daily ventilation as well as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. The integrated BSY+ technology enables up to 4 rack and pinion drives to be controlled synchronously.

    ZA 35-K-BSY+

  • ZA 85-K-BSY+

    The ZA-85-K-BSY+ offers all the advantages of the ZA 35-K-BSY+ such as the synchronisation of multiple drives, while featuring a much higher force of 800 N. And it does all this at a moderate current consumption.

    ZA 85-K-BSY+

  • ZA 105-K-BSY+

    Similar properties to the ZA-K, but with the addition of BSY+: Our ZA-K-BSY+ can control up to four drives simultaneously. Passive closing edge protection is achieved by reducing the running speed to five millimetres per second in the CLOSED direction.

    ZA 105-K-BSY+

  • ZA 155-K-BSY+

    Maximum force under high stress: The ZA-155-K-BSY+ 230 V chain drive features 1500 N of power, allowing it to open even the heaviest roof openings. As a result, it ensures large smoke-vent areas despite high snow loads.

    ZA 155-K-BSY+

  • DXD 300-BSY+ HS

    Our powerful devices combine endurance and power. Our DXD 300-BSY+ has a service life of 20000 double strokes and a force of pressure of 3000 N. Four rack and pinion drives can be controlled in synchronisation.

    DXD 300-BSY+ HS

  • DXD 300-K-BSY+ HS

    A force of pressure of 3000 N and direct control using a 230 V supply: The DXD 300-K-BSY+ is our high-performance drive. You can control up to four drives simultaneously using the integrated BSY+ synchronised electronics.

    DXD 300-K-BSY+ HS

  • FRA 11-BSY+

    Safety first: Your windows lock automatically thanks to this drive. The FRA 11-BSY+ replaces the handles on your window sashes and provides an increased level of burglary protection.

    FRA 11-BSY+

  • VLD 51

    Compared to the FRA 11-BSY+, this window locking drive is not located on the sash. Instead, it can be integrated into the window profile so that it is no longer visible from the outside. Manual unlocking in emergency situations is possible at any time.

    VLD 51

  • VLD 51-BSY+

    Our VLD 51-BSY+ is a true expert in safety. Much like the VLD 51, it can be integrated into the window profile thanks to BSY+ technology, however, larger windows can also be locked. Up to six drives can be controlled in synchronisation.

    VLD 51-BSY+

  • DDS 54

    In the event of a building fire, you need to provide smoke extraction in the roof area and supply fresh air at the lower section of the wall. The DDS 54 opens your doors a maximum of 90° using a force of pressure of 500 N, making your escape routes accessible as well.

    DDS 54

  • SHD 54

    This window drive can do it all: The SHD 54 side-hung vent drive opens sashes up to 1.2 m x 1 m large up to 65° in less than 30 seconds.

    SHD 54

  • SHD 54-BSY+ Set

    Bundled power: Our SHD 54-BSY+ side-hung vent drive set consists of two drives that are installed above or below the window sashes. In comparison to the SHD 54, it can open windows with dimensions of up to 1.2 m x 2 m.

    SHD 54-BSY+ Set

  • LDx-1-PLP

    Freely configurable and virtually silent: at up to 1800 N, the LD Series opens and closes even the heaviest louvre windows quietly and reliably. In addition to this standard version, the LDx-1-PLP is also available in an "fail-safe version".


  • LDx-1-ACB

    Controllable down to the millimetre: the louvre drives of the LD Series can be integrated directly into the building management system using the ACB bus technology, based on Modbus. It is also easy to add new functions.


  • LDx-5

    The LD Series is extremely versatile. Thanks to an adapter for louvre-specific or centred driver mounting, these drives are suitable for virtually any louvres. Compared to the LDx-1-PLP, this louvre drive features an integrated 230 V power supply unit.


  • LDx-5-ACB

    Narrow design and concealed cable infeed: the louvre drives of the LD Series boast more than 1500 colour options, which means you can always find a design that matches the building architecture. The LDx-5-ACB design features an integrated 230 V power supply unit.


  • LDx

    Delicate and powerful: Our louvre window drives feature high compressive and tensile force with small dimensions of just 25 mm x 25 mm x 413/423 mm.


  • SDS 3

    The sky's the limit: With an opening angle of up to 170° and a force of up to 2200 N, this skylight system is virtually unbeatable. With continuous adjustment to all skylights from 800-1200 mm and developed for use in accordance with EN 12101-2 including emergency unlocking. Extremely quiet operating noise and available in 24 and 230 volt versions.

    SDS 3

  • SDS 2

    Our SDS 2 skylight system consists of a drive unit and a skylight-specific installation set. A force of pressure of 3000 N and a running speed of 11.1 mm/s make this system the optimal solution for opening and closing skylights.

    SDS 2

10|20|50 Products
9|15|30 Products