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  • RT 45

    The RT 45 SHEV operation panel is used to trigger and reset SHEV systems. Additional display elements for operational standby, alarms and faults are available.

    RT 45

  • RT 45/R-FR

    The RT 45/R-FR SHEV operation panel for manually triggering a SHEV system in case of fire. Lockable surface-mounted aluminium die-cast housing with break-type glass and key.

    RT 45/R-FR

  • RT BE45-1

    The RT BE45-1 operation unit is the standard version for the RT 45 SHEV operation panel.

    RT BE45-1

  • RT BE45-1-LT

    The RT BE45-1-LT operation unit for the RT 45 SHEV operation panel features additional ventilation buttons.

    RT BE45-1-LT

  • RT BE45-2

    The RT BE45-2 operation unit integrates two separate fire and smoke compartments in one RT 45 operation panel.

    RT BE45-2

  • RT BE45-3

    The RT BE45-3 has the same functions as the RT BE45-2, but is equipped with three separate fire and smoke compartments in one operation panel.

    RT BE45-3

  • RT BE42-ST

    In addition to the operating lights for alarm, fault and monitoring, the SHEV operation unit RT BE42-ST has an additional acoustic signal emitter.

    RT BE42-ST

  • RT BE42-Z

    Safety first: Our RT BE42-Z expansion operation unit, unlike the RT BE42-Z-K operation unit, features an indicator lamp in addition to the alarm and operational standby display.

    RT BE42-Z

  • RT BE42-Z-K

    Reduced wiring effort: Our RT BE42-Z-K expansion operation unit requires only a two-wire cable for supply and communication.

    RT BE42-Z-K

  • RT LT45

    The RT LT45 additional operation unit, in addition to the RT operation unit, is built into the RT GEH02-LT housing to enable an additional ventilation function.

    RT LT45

  • LT 84-U

    The LT 84-U ventilation button is designed for flush-mounted installation. It features a double button and is used to control ventilation groups.

    LT 84-U

  • LT 84-U-SD

    Our LT 84-U-SD ventilation button has the same functions as the LT 84-U, but also features an integrated signal lamp.

    LT 84-U-SD

  • LT 84-U-W

    Our stylish LT 84-U-W flush-mounted button perfects operation for ventilation functions.

    LT 84-U-W

  • LT 84-U-V

    The LT 84-U-V is a flush-mounted double button for activating ventilation groups. It provides optimal operation of 230 V systems.

    LT 84-U-V

  • LS 84-U-V

    Even more convenient ventilation: Our ventilation switch allow your windows, flaps and skylights to open to the maximum stroke at the press of one button. The LS 84-U-V switches your 230 V drives without an additional controller.

    LS 84-U-V

  • SLT 42U

    The key vent button for attractive flush-mounted installation, the SLT 42U, is the ideal choice for manually opening and closing a ventilation group in combination with a profile semi-cylinder.

    SLT 42U

  • SLT 42U-SD

    Ideal for flush mounting: Our SLT 42U-SD has the same functions as the SLT 42U key vent button and features an additional signalling LED.

    SLT 42U-SD

  • SLT 42A

    The SLT 42A is the surface-mounted variant of the SLT 42U key vent button. In conjunction with a profile semi-cylinder, it opens and closes a ventilation group.

    SLT 42A

  • SLT 42A-SD

    The SLT 42A-SD has the same applications as the SLT 42U-SD, but is used for surface-mounted installation.

    SLT 42A-SD

  • LT 84-A

    The LT 84-A ventilation button is the surface-mounted variant of the LT 84-U. It has a double button and enables reliable activation of ventilation groups.

    LT 84-A

  • PHZ 28

    Our PHZ 28 profile semi-cylinder provides the button function for the SLT Series key vent button.

    PHZ 28

  • RCR 11-2

    The RCR 11-2 wireless remote control is ideal for ventilation applications for activating OPEN, STOP and CLOSE commands.

    RCR 11-2

  • RCR 11-4

    The RCR 11-4 wireless remote control has the same applications as the RCR 11-2, but has four separate function levels for ventilation applications.

    RCR 11-4

  • RCT 003-11-U

    The RCT 003-11-U wireless transmission module is ideal for use in flush-mounted sockets and forwards the information of the connected buttons and sensors in a way that is undetectable from outside the system.

    RCT 003-11-U

  • RCM 024-11-U

    Suitable for flush-mounted installation: The RCM 024-11-U is a wireless receiver and can activate up to two groups based on 24 V.

    RCM 024-11-U

  • RCM 230-11-U

    Our RCM 230-11-U wireless receiver is used for direct activation of 230 V drives.

    RCM 230-11-U

  • WRS-S

    Wear-free measurement of wind velocity and precipitation using sensors. Customised preselection of the wind limit values in 16 levels. A heated precipitation sensor prevents incorrect measurements in the event of dew and fog. Compact housing for installation on a wall or post.


  • RS-S

    The RS-S rain sensor with heated sensor area provides highly reliable rain detection. The rain hold time can be precisely adjusted to respond flexibly to changing weather conditions. Quick and easy installation using the wall or post attachment provided.


  • VRS 10

    The same functions as the REM 42 rain detector, only in an extremely compact design: The VRS 10 monitors the precipitation and transmits signals to the controller.

    VRS 10

  • REM 801-RC

    Our REM 801-RC rain detector forwards the received rain data to the wireless receiver.

    REM 801-RC

  • SD-O 371

    The SD-O 371 optical smoke detector is equipped with an alarm indicator and function check.

    SD-O 371

  • FD-T 271

    The FD-T 271 thermal differential detector knows how to draw attention in the event of a fire. Visual alarm signals that cannot be ignored make it a dependable helper in an emergency.

    FD-T 271

  • TH 4/70

    The TH 4/70 thermal detector has a great feel for temperatures: The surface-mounted detector sends a signal once a specific temperature has been exceeded.

    TH 4/70

  • THE 4/70

    Our THE 4/70 thermal detector determines trigger temperatures and is installed in the junction box.

    THE 4/70

  • PD-C180i/16 DH

    The PD-C180i/16 DH presence detector ensures you are on the safe side! Installed on a wall or on a window frame, it stops the closing motion of the window drive and prevents people from getting caught by the closing window if they reach into the monitored area.

    PD-C180i/16 DH

  • CWSO‑RR‑S1

    On the CWSO-RR-S1 acoustic signal emitter in the red housing, you can choose between 32 signal tones that are all approved in accordance with EN 54-3.


  • TP-R2-S-7

    Thanks to its Modbus RTU/TCP interface, the versatile 7 '' TP-R2-S-7 touch panel can be easily connected to the CPS-M controller via the ACN-GW501-MRTU-0200 AdComNet/Modbus gateway. All functions can be programmed by the user and the touch panel interface can be individually adapted according to customer requirements.


  • TP-R2-S-10

    The 10 '' TP-R2-S-10 touch panel impresses with its versatile application options. Its Modbus RTU/TCP interface allows easy connection to the CPS-M controller using the ACN-GW501-MRTU-0200 AdComNet/Modbus gateway. All functions can be programmed by the user and the touch panel interface can be individually adapted according to customer requirements.


  • TP-R2-S-15

    The large 15 '' user-programmable TP-R2-S-15 touch panel offers individual configuration of the interface according to customer requirements. Thanks to its Modbus RTU/TCP interface, it can be easily connected to the CPS-M controller using the ACN-GW501-MRTU-0200 AdComNet/Modbus gateway.


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