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Natural Smoke Ventilation

At D+H UK, we use advanced technology and our in-depth understanding of fire and smoke behaviour to create smoke ventilation systems that respond instantly and effectively to fire.

We follow a strict policy of providing best practice in the field of life-saving smoke ventilation solutions.

D+H UK provide fully certified Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators (NSHEVs) for various solutions.

NSHEV Products

Tailored smoke ventilation solution to suit your needs

  • Stand-alone system or integrated with existing fire alarm interfaces
  • Multi-zone and internal options
  • Optical smoke alarms and heat alarms
  • Data transmission across BUS technology
  • Integration with natural ventilation via automatic vent opening

  • Toxic gasses, smoke and extreme heat accumulate in the building

  • Lives are endangered, rescue work is impaired and property is destroyed

Fire and smoke within building diagram

  • Exhaust vents and air inlets can be used to remove smoke, gas and heat

  • Smoke can be diverted to produce a stable smoke layer boundary

Smoke ventilation diagram

  • Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVs) are installed to clear smoke in the event of a fire in order to keep escape and emergency routes clear, and/or provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting.
  • NSHEVs can vent directly through external walls and roofs using windows, louvres and rooflights, or through internal smoke shafts using smoke dampers.
  • The SHEVs can be triggered automatically via smoke detection or fire alarm interfaces, or manually using call points/break glasses.  The SHEVs then open fully within 60 seconds to remove the smoke.

  • The SHEV’s can be programmed to be reset and closed automatically or manually through the control system.

A typical D+H UK staircase system includes:

  • Control panel with breakglass   +   Fire / smoke alarm

  • Breakglass unit   +   EN certified vents

Staircase fire


  • Effectively guides smoke and fire gases out of the building
  • Keeps escape and rescue routes smoke-free
  • Saves lives
  • Protects property

Our solution for complex smoke extraction

Maximum safety depends on precise communication. Our digital control panel was the first to provide bidirectional communication. This means that the control panel not only sends its commands to the groups, but can also respond to the drives. The result is an intelligent system in which all components communicate with each other and exchange information. This allows the new control panel to ensure maximum safety with precise communication.

An external interface can be used to control any component of the system within any building type. Due to the modular structure, CPS-M is the optimal system solution for implementing a sustainable and cost-effective smoke extraction system for any requirement.

  • Intelligent Advanced Communication Bus (ACB) function between controller and drives
  • Networking of multiple SHEV control panels using AdComNet (ACN)
  • Software-assisted configuration of ventilation and fire compartments
  • Optimum monitoring of the connected drives and simple error diagnostics
  • Diagnostics, configuration and control directly from the control panel or remotely with remote maintenance gateway 
  • Integration in existing building automation infrastructure via Modbus
  • Trade-independent connection to existing external drives
  • Plug-and-play module technology allows modules to be easily added or removed
  • Motorised 24 V DC and 230 V electric drives can be controlled and supplied via the CPS-M
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Applications for natural smoke ventilation solutions

  • Education

    The University of Salford’s state-of-the-art SEE Building

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  • Extra Care

    Sanctuary Court, Wilmslow

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  • Workplace