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mechanical Smoke Ventilation


Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System (MSVS) is an industry approved method to quickly clear smoke from protected lobbies and staircases.

This alternative approach of smoke ventilation is detailed in Approved Document B, BS 9991:2015 and BS 9999:2017.


D+H UK supply, install and commission mechanical smoke ventilation systems that are fully compliant with the detailed recommendations on the design of such systems in line with the Smoke Control Association’s publication – Guidance on Smoke Control to Common Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings.

D+H UK always recommend that MSVS is substantiated by a design report and calculation using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD).

Two fans on a roof

  • The fire damper will open into the smoke shaft, other dampers are then “locked out” to ensure they stay closed.

  • The duty fan will operate to draw smoke through the damper and up the shaft (if this fan fails, an automatic transfer switch will operate the standby fan).

  • Pressure causes the stairway fire door to open.

  • Inlet air is provided by opening a head of stairs Natural Heat Smoke Exhaust Ventilator (NSHEV).

  • Fresh air is drawn through the staircase and door into the protected lobby.

This keeps the staircase free of smoke to allow safe escape for residents and safe access for firefighters. The basic principle of operation is similar for different building configurations, control of the system is adaptable to meet the architects design.

Staircase smoke ventilation diagram

Technical drawing diagram of mechanical smoke vent system


  • Air inlets and exhaust vents are opened to avoid negative pressure
  • Equilibrium between outflowing smoke and inflowing fresh air
  • The flow rate of the fresh air corresponds to the normative specifications

One controller, many possible applications

Our CPS-M1-MSE controller is the perfect component for simple through to highly complex solutions.

The CPS-M1 is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. It is designed to prevent the spread of smoke, heat and fire – and it can be expanded to meet individual requirements. The panel controls and monitors all components and regulates the power supply for the entire system. It is also suitable for controlling natural day-to-day ventilation systems in buildings. Above all, the CPS-M1 demonstrates its special capability in complex systems such as a mechanical smoke and heat exhaust system. 

  • Modular configuration of controller according to individual requirements

  • Additional assemblies can be retrofitted at any time

  • Freely programmable with the user-friendly D+H SCS software

  • Not dependent on the software and programmers of other PLC manufacturers

  • Supports Modbus RTU-based bus communication ACB

  • Additional cable is not required for end position messages of the ACB drives

  • Very little wiring is required, which significantly reduces the overall costs of the system

  • In the event of a power cut the system continues to operate smoothly due to the emergency power supply

  • Low energy requirements for the controller in emergency operation

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MRA headquarters from the inside

All you need to automate a mechanical smoke and heat exhaust system is the SCS software developed by D+H. Installers have been using this particularly user-friendly software for years to configure and run diagnostics on AdComNet networks.

The CPS-M is easy to configure with the SCS software using drag and drop. It is also easy to combine multiple lines and groups with one another in large and complex networks. In this case it doesn't matter which controller the individual AdComNet components are connected to.

The SCS software can be used to configure all the elements from any point. Examples of functions that can be adjusted via the software are smoke protection links, a timer or lockout function and minimum links. 

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Applications for mechanical smoke solutions

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