Staircase + Lift Shaft

Standard-compliant and energy-saving: The dual system LSV for smoke extraction and ventilation of lift shafts and stairwells in residential buildings.

The planning of buildings that are standard-complient require enormous demands on architects and specialist planners. In particular, it is necessary to implement the legal and normative requirements for ventilation and smoke removal. In this context, the former securing of the ventilation requirement through an external opening in the lift shaft head is in direct conflict with the airtight envelope of modern buildings. If the staircase and lift shaft are in one and the same fire compartment (building class 4), D+H has now developed the perfect solution to this problem with LSV: The Lift and Staircase Ventilation System (LSV) combines smoke and heat extraction with the mechanical ventilation of lift shafts.

In an LSV system, only one roof opening is required. With the use of an LSV, the parallel operation of a system for smoke and heat extraction in the stairwell and a system for smoke extraction and ventilation of a lift shaft can be avoided. The new, patented LSV solution from D+H thus reduces investment costs and saves energy costs in the long term.

Technical drawing of the ventilation and exhaust of the lift shaft in case of fire

A true plus for lift and staircase ventilation

  • Avoidance of additional openings in the building envelope to save energy

  • Air circulation even in the event of a malfunction such as the lift getting stuck in the event of a power failure

  • Lower component costs due to combined system of stairwell and lift shaft

  • Installation and maintenance of the system completely possible via the staircase

  • Ideal for new buildings but also for existing buildings

  • Combination of over 50 years of D+H and over 10 years of BlueKit expertise

A real feel-good climate in the lift

The patented solution from D+H exceeds all legal requirements for keeping lift shafts smoke-free and ventilated.

Intelligent smoke extraction and ventilation

Our system for modern, airtight residential buildings is more than the sum of its comtonents!

LSV combines proven D+H drive and control technology with innovative product elements from BlueKit and purchased parts from selected partners.

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Trendsetting systems from the D+H Group

Lift constructors rely on BlueKit when it comes to ventilating lift shafts.

BlueKit systems and products for lift shaft smoke extraction have been convincing on the market for more than 10 years. The newly created system solution LSV of the D+H product brand BlueKit underlines the claim of the D+H Group to live its brand promise BUILDING ATMOSPHERE.

BlueKit systems permanently reduce building operating costs while ensuring maximum security. The idea behind it is as simple as it is clever: permanent openings in the lift shaft or stairwell remain closed and only open in the event of a fire. This saves heating costs. Closed shaft heads also increase building comfort at the same time: Unpleasant draughts inside are eliminated. The energy-efficient BlueKit systems are thus among the most modern shaft smoke extraction solutions in the world.

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