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First VdS "Prove" certificate for D+H product

BlueKit control unit is the first fire protection product to receive the new VdS "Prove" certificate.


With the new "Prove - Powered by VdS" certificate, VdS offers a new product certification according to international standards. The first Prove certification for fire protection technology has been awarded to the CPL-B BlueKit control unit for lift shaft smoke extraction. It was certified in accordance with the global standard ISO 21927-9.

VdS is one of the world's most renowned institutions for corporate security. Decision-makers all over the world rely on VdS-tested effectiveness and safety. The currently certified BlueKit control unit CPL-B is the intelligent system component of the BlueKit AIO Basic system solution for lift shaft smoke extraction that is well-known on the market. It ensures energy savings, safety and a healthy atmosphere in the lift shaft in many countries. With this certification, D+H once again takes on a pioneering role with its BlueKit product brand and underpins its image as the quality leader of an entire industry.

Gunnar Bellingen, head of the VdS fire protection laboratories, emphasises: "We congratulate the D+H team on the world's first `Prove - Powered by VdS' certification in the field of fire protection, in this case according to the equally high level of ISO 21927-9. The well-known personnel as well as technical reputation of the VdS laboratories is an additional important purchasing argument for safety decision-makers all over the world, also with regard to external standards."

Maik Schmees, Chief Technical Officer of D+H Mechatronic AG, explains: "The fact that the ISO certification was carried out under the usual highest VdS quality standards ensures that our CPL-B control unit has a special status with all relevant stakeholders, especially in international sales. We are pleased about this clear confirmation of the high reliability of our new development."

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