Chief technical officer, Maik Schmees; Board, Dirk Dingfelder; Board, Christoph Kern and Chief financial officer, Mirko Matenia  stands next to each other and smile

New members of the board


D+H Mechatronic AG expands the Executive Board with longstanding employees

As of March 1, 2023, the Executive Board of D+H Mechatronic AG will be expanded by two additional members. The previous authorized signatories and members of the management, Mirko Matenia and Maik Schmees, will now continue in their previous areas of responsibility in the role of the Executive Board.

With its 10 subsidiaries and service and sales partners, the D+H Group ensures a safe and comfortable atmosphere in buildings worldwide. Its system solutions for smoke extraction and natural ventilation are installed in countless buildings around the globe.And although the independent medium-sized company from the northern metropolitan region of Hamburg has retained the charm of a family business, its international orientation and activities require corresponding structures. For this reason, the previously two-member board of Dirk Dingfelder and Christoph Kern has now been expanded to include two additional members.

"Over the decades, the small handcraft company of our fathers has transformed into a globally active group of companies. It is therefore only logical that the Executive Board is also structured accordingly," comments Dirk Dingfelder, Chairman of the Executive Board of D+H Mechatronic AG, on this step.

Maik Schmees has helped shape the development of the company over decades and is known to many in the industry for his involvement in national and international standardization bodies, among other things. As Chief Technical Officer (CTO), he will now be in charge of development, production, supply chain management, product technology, approvals and standards.


Maik Schmees: "At D+H, we have always combined two elements that are very important to me personally: People and technology. The common passion for technological development and the motivation to set new benchmarks and standards in the market drive us as a worldwide team of the D+H Group. Having been deeply connected with D+H for around three decades, I am very excited about my new responsibility and look forward to continuing to lead the company to success together with my colleagues on the Executive Board."

Mirko Matenia, who has held various positions of responsibility since joining the D+H Group in 2016, will now assume responsibility for Finance as a member of the Executive Board (CFO). In addition to Finance and Controlling, this also includes IT, Human Resources Management, Process Management, Quality Management and Assurance, and Compliance & Risk Management.

"The special thing about medium-sized family businesses like D+H is not only the personal working atmosphere, for me it means above all the opportunity to actively shape the company's success. I am therefore very pleased about the trust placed in me and look forward to further developing the D+H Group into a successful future in my new responsibility," comments Mirko Matenia.


The portfolios of the current members of the Executive Board also remain unchanged. Christoph Kern (CSO) continues to be responsible for Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Business Development. As Chairman of the Board, Dirk Dingfelder (CEO) is responsible for the overall strategy of the D+H Group as well as representation and participation in numerous regional and national committees and associations.

Christoph Kern, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board added: "Dirk Dingfelder and I are delighted that we have been able to gain Maik Schmees and Mirko Matenia for these new roles. Not only do they have the relevant experience and expertise, but they also enjoy our full confidence as a result of our successful joint collaboration in the management team."

All four members of the Executive Board see it as their duty to create all the conditions necessary to continue supplying D+H's customers worldwide with intelligent and customized system solutions - and to make buildings breathe.

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