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D+H presents the Atmosphere Awards in 2022


Sustainable wood construction leaves the competition standing – project participations from all over the world receive awards

More than 100,000 buildings worldwide can breathe thanks to D+H smoke extraction and ventilation system solutions. Once again this year, the most spectacular projects from service partners and sales companies won D+H Atmosphere Awards. Outstanding solutions - installed in challenging architectural settings - in Sweden, Australia, France, England and Germany received awards.

The Platinum Award winner and thus recipient of the highest award in 2022 is the Swedish sales subsidiary D+H Sweden, with its participation in Sara Kulturhus.

This standard-setting example of sustainable construction is there to be marvelled at in the north of Sweden. The high-rise building has a timber structure and is a manifesto of contemporary construction with a focus on CO2 reduction. It has 20 storeys and is around 80 metres high, making it one of the tallest buildings in Europe constructed from wood. D+H solutions for natural ventilation and smoke extraction were installed in this building.


The winner of the Golden Atmosphere Award 2022 is the Australian D+H partner EBSA Pty Ltd. Its project, the Ken Rosewall Arena - Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, was able to be equipped with solutions for both natural ventilation and smoke extraction. The newly designed tent-like roof approximately 8,000 square metres in size, a construction of cable stays and PTFE fabric canopy, ensures the arena can be used in all weathers. This new construction replaces the original solution of a perimeter-only roof. For this reason, ventilation and fire protection also had to be rethought. Here too, the intelligent system solutions from D+H contributed to the success of the project.

D+H partner Agora Sodési, based in France, won the Silver Award in the D+H Atmosphere Award 2022 competition for its participation in the conversion of the Bourse de Commerce, which is currently used as an exhibition venue. The building in the centre of Paris, which emerged from what was originally a granary, underwent modifications to its dome as part of the recent conversion. It serves not only to admit daylight and set the scene for a 140 metre long ceiling fresco, but also incorporates solutions that ensure the necessary fire protection.

D+H's UK subsidiary, DH Mechatronic UK Ltd, impressed in the "Innovation" Special Mention category. No. 1 Old Trafford in Manchester was equipped with a solution for mechanical smoke extraction (MSE). D+H UK supplied a sophisticated and complex system for mechanical smoke extraction in the two blocks of the high-rise building. This project is of particular importance, as it is the first D+H MSE system to be installed in the UK.


D+H Deutschland GmbH received the Special Mention “Partnership” award. For the iCampus Munich i5/i6/i7, natural ventilation and smoke extraction solutions were installed. But why the Special Partnership Prize? All the window drives were supplied by D+H partner HÜBLER Sicherheit und Service GmbH. The control cabinets were produced, delivered, installed and commissioned in less than four months following the initial request for advice on the functional complexity of the planned system. Thanks to the close collaboration and commitment of all departments involved, D+H was able to meet both the technical requirements as well as the demanding schedule.

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Christoph Kern, D+H member of the board: “The Atmosphere Awards showcase a small part of our outstanding project participations. D+H enables an economical and certified total package worldwide - wherever natural and controlled air exchange is required.”

Mark Nowotny, Head of Sales: “We congratulate our award-winning service partners and sales companies and look forward to further future contributions and stimuli from our global network.”

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