ACB brochure

2 The windows speak ACB Before the alarm clock has even gone off, the rolling shutters slowly move up. Sunlight falls into the room. In the kitchen, the coffee brewer starts up automatically. At the same time, the heating adjusts to a comfortable temperature in the bathroom and the television in the living room jumps to the latest news. All of this may sound like luxury or like futuristic thinking, but this has long been the daily routine in many households thanks to modern bus systems. Even large building complexes such as schools, offices or hotels are regulated by what is referred to as a building management system (BMS), which is becoming more and more automated these days. In these systems, all "smart" devices communicate with each other in order to offer the user maximum comfort and convenience and to provide benefits in terms of energy. Using Advanced Communication Bus (ACB), the newly developed bus system by D+H, window drives can now also be integrated directly into existing building automation. This way, windows open and close fully automatically depending on the weather and ambient air conditions. Would you like to learn how this works, accurate to the percent, synchronously or also completely indivi- dualised? If so, then this brochure is right for you.