SIGN! Media Harbour

Setting course for comfort and design

A milestone for Media Harbour in Düsseldorf.

A stylish 76-metre tall high-rise tower is situated at the centre of Düsseldorf's Media Harbour between historic loading cranes and post-modern design. The transparent glass façade and spectacular sky deck of the SIGN! make it the trademark of the lifestyle architecture mile.

The building boasts a premium-quality foyer with concierge service, spectacular panoramic lifts and twenty floors consisting solely of office space with a modern, 100 % glass façade consisting of 1500 overlapping elements that are room height and arranged in a scale-like pattern.

This office high-rise was designed by renowned skyscraper architect Helmut Jahn. The project, which cost approximately 80 million euros, was completed in 2011 and provides space for 600 people in a gross area of 14,600 m2 per floor. D+H installed a NSHEV with a plug-in control panel and various chain drives from the KA Series, creating a cost-effective safety solution in the building.









Year of construction
Düsseldorf, Germany
Helmut Jahn
Office & residential
RZN 4396-E, KA 54/600-BSY+, KA 54/600

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