Kazanskiy Temple

Mosaic tiling, light façades, window drives

© Mila Zvereva
© Mila Zvereva

A custom technical solution from D+H brings together architecture and contemporary building equipment, all while preserving a historic monument.

The Kazan church is located in the city centre of St. Petersburg and was built in 1907 based on a project by architect V.A. Kosyakov. It is lined with a light and almost white brick, which is an important decorative element in the overall design. After the Soviet years, the restoration of the Kazan Church began and in 1995 the church was handed over to the monastic community.

In the course of the renovation measures that began in 2017 and were completed in 2019, D+H Russia integrated natural ventilation solutions into this church, which is protected as a historical landmark. The requirements posed some real challenges: the project was not allowed to compromise the unique architecture of the building and there was extremely little space for window drives. The design engineers came up with a special way to deal with the huge windows, which were nearly 3.5 metres tall. Two chain drives of the VCD series work in sync to open the double-skin façade windows both inwards and outwards. This was the only way to achieve the necessary cross-section for ventilation and preserve the historic monument as required.

The building was awarded Gold Winner of the D+H Atmosphere Award in 2019.

St. Petersburg, Russia
V. Kosyakov (1907)
Education & Culture
Natural Ventilation CNV

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