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Window automation in the Glucksman Library with ACB

The Glucksman Library at the University of Limerick is one of the largest campus libraries in Ireland, and one of the most digitally advanced in the world. In 2018, the existing Building was expanded by a 7,600 square metre building addition, and it was also radically redesigned, from a quiet traditional reading and learning area to livelier, technology-driven Group and community spaces. In order to enable a healthy, concentrated work atmosphere, Irish D+H partner Window & Door Accessories took over the installation and commissioning of a window automation system.

The project consists of 246 CDC-1-ACB 24 V chain drives that are operated directly by the building management system via Modbus. The building management system is able to Control each window with perfect positioning, either individually or in groups, using the ACB technology. The opening and closing speeds of the drives can also be regulated separately. Thanks to their barely audible operating noise, D+H drives ensure a comfortable learning environment and an optimal indoor climate at all times. 

Benefits of the integrating of ACB:


  • Direct control of the drives using the building management system
  • Individualised control of multiple drives on a single cable
  • Position control accurate down to the percent
  • Feedback about the ACTUAL position of the drives
  • Optimal display of possible error messages
  • Fewer cables and lower wiring effort thanks to bi-directional communication

In our brochure "Communication + controls" you can learn more about the planning of ACB window drives.

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Limerick, Ireland
RKD Architects
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