Wind / rain sensor

WRG 82

In addition to rain monitoring, the WRG 82 wind/rain sensor can be set to detect six different wind strenghts.
WRG 82
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WRG 82

Performance features

  • Rain signal is stored for approx. 2 minutes (rain hold time)
  • Wind switching threshold via DIP switch configurable to 4 or 6 Bft.
  • Signal retention time of the wind signal for approx. 10 minutes
  • In combination with WE 516, WME 43 or WRZ 8000, it is possible to continuously adjust the wind switching threshold between 2‑8 Bft.; the signal retention time can be selected between 1‑15 min.
  • Heated sensor area

Technical Data

Supply 24 V DC / 0.2 A
Type of protection IP 54
Temperature range -20 °C ... +60 °C
Housing Polycarbonate
W x H x D 85 x 100 x 400 mm
Weight 2.00 kg


TypeArt. No
WRG 8230.301.10

Approvals / Certificates


WRG 82 - Wind/rain transmitter (71.01KB)

WRG 82 - Wind/rain transmitter (1.59MB)

WRG 82 - Wind- / rain sensor (901B)

VRS / REM / WRG - Weather sensors (600.52KB)
VRS / REM / WRG - Weather sensors (642.15KB)


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