Linear lock drive


Our VLD 51-BSY+ is a true expert in safety. Much like the VLD 51, it can be integrated into the window profile thanks to BSY+ technology, however, larger windows can also be locked. Up to six drives can be controlled in synchronisation.
VLD 51/038-BSY+ VLD-BSY+
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VLD 51/038-BSY+

Performance features

  • Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust; D+H Euro SHEV in accordance with EN 12101‑2; and for daily ventilation
  • With motor electronics controlled via microprocessor for communication and sequence control of connected BSY+ window drives for opening windows
  • Up to 6 VLD BSY+ drives on one window possible
  • For operating standard latch pane fittings
  • Activated VP signal of the connected BSY+ opening drives
  • Programmable drive functions and different drive parameters
  • Manual emergency unlocking possible
  • Configurable locking direction on the drive
  • Increased burglary protection

Technical Data

Supply 24 V DC / ±20 % / 1 A
Locking force 500 N
Breakaway force 1000 N *
Service life > 10000 cycles
OPEN running speed 3.3 mm/s
OPEN running speed - SHEV 4.2 mm/s
CLOSED running speed 3.3 mm/s
Type of protection IP 50
Emission sound pressure level LpA ≤ 70 dB(A)
Temperature range -15 °C (-5 °C **) … +75 °C
Fire resistance B300 (30 min / 300 °C)
Housing V2A stainless steel
Connection 2.5 m silicone cable
W x H x D 493 x 25 x 25 mm
* Breakaway force in release position, ** in accordance with VdS 2580


TypeArt. NoStrokeWeightRemark
VLD 51/038-BSY+23.060.7038 mm1.20 kg
VLD-BSY+23.060.801.20 kgVariable equipment possible

Potential drive options

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VLD 51/038-BSY+ - Linear lock drive (712.08KB)

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