230 V AC cut‑off relay module

TR 44-AP

Installed close to the drive, our TR 44-AP cut-off relay module activates motorised 230 V drives with a control panel's 24 V group voltage.
TR 44-AP
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TR 44-AP

Performance features

  • For controlling 230 V AC D+H drives on 24 V DC groups in D+H SHEV and ventilation control panels
  • Surface‑mounted design
  • Maximum switching capacity: 720 VA
  • W x H x D: 87 x 87 x 53 mm

Technical Data


TypeArt. No
TR 44-AP30.552.40

Approvals / Certificates


TR 44-K/-AP - Cut-off relay module (46.12KB)

Module - Extension modules (2.66MB)

TR 44-AP [30.552.40]