Key vent button


The SLT 42A is the surface-mounted variant of the SLT 42U key vent button. In conjunction with a profile semi-cylinder, it opens and closes a ventilation group.
SLT 42-A
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SLT 42-A

Performance features

  • For manually opening and closing a ventilation group in conjunction with D+H SHEV or ventilation control panels
  • Function: Ventilation OPEN / CLOSED via key operated changeover contact
  • Profile semi‑cylinder not included in scope of supply

Technical Data

Input voltage DC 24 V DC
Type of protection IP 54
Housing Aluminium
Colour Light grey
W x H x D 70 x 90 x 65 mm
Weight 0.45 kg


TypeArt. No
SLT 42-A30.400.30

Approvals / Certificates


SLT 42A - Key-operated vent switch (28.24KB)

LT 84, SLT 42 - Vent buttons (1.41MB)

LT 84 / LS 84 / SLT 42 - Ventilation button (1.63MB)

SLT 42-A [30.400.30]