Servo plug-in unit

SE 622

Our SE 622 servo plug-in unit is likewise used exclusively for the RZN 43xx-E control panel system and can move drives open and closed with perfect positioning in combination with a group plug-in unit with SGI option.
SE 622
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SE 622

Performance features

  • As interface for building management system / building automation / central control system, for continuous and accurate control of drives with position transmitters in conjunction with GE group plug‑in units
  • Optional input:
    - Current‑controlled 0‑20 mA or 4‑20 mA
    - Voltage‑controlled 0‑10 V for opening widths of 0‑100 %
  • Indicator display for drive position; switch for manual / automatic mode; manual mode OPEN / CLOSED
  • Feedback for building automation as analogue 0‑10 V signal

Technical Data


TypeArt. No
SE 62230.627.80

Approvals / Certificates


SE 622 - Servo plug-in unit (606B)

Einschübe - Plug-in units (753.75KB)


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