Skylight system


Our SDS 2 skylight system consists of a drive unit and a skylight-specific installation set. A force of pressure of 3000 N and a running speed of 11.1 mm/s make this system the optimal solution for opening and closing skylights.
SDS 2-DU-24V SDS 2-DU-230V SDS 2-DU-24V-Set SDS 2-DU-230V-Set
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SDS 2-DU-24V
SDS 2-DU-230V
SDS 2-DU-24V-Set
SDS 2-DU-230V-Set

Performance features

  • For opening and closing skylights for ventilation and smoke extraction applications
  • System consisting of drive unit and skylight‑specific installation set
  • With integrated BSY+ motor and synchronised electronics controlled via microprocessor
  • Service life inspected with at least 20000 opening cycles for ventilation and an additional 1000 opening cycles for smoke extraction in accordance with EN 12101‑2
  • Optimal aerodynamic values by quick opening to 172°
  • Power transmission structurally optimised, therefore minimum strain on ventilator frame and hinges
  • High type of protection for drive unit; can therefore also be used under difficult ambient conditions
  • Quick installation and easy handling thanks to modules pre‑installed at the factory
  • Installation sets available for many skylights

Technical Data

Force of pressure 3000 N
Tensile force 3000 N
Nominal locking force 2200 N
Service life 20000 double strokes
OPEN running speed 7.1 mm/s
CLOSED running speed 7.1 mm/s
Wind load class 1500 Pa ** ***
Snow load class 500 Pa ** ***
Type of protection IP 64
Temperature range -5 °C ... +75 °C
Fire resistance B300 (30 min / 300 °C)
Connection 2.5 m silicone cable
* For vertical use, please consult with D+H Sales!

** In accordance with EN 12101‑2 (inspected with various manufacturers)

*** Values for dome size 2.25 m². Change proportional for deviating dome sizes with compatible domes.


TypeArt. NoSupplySupplyPerformanceWeightRemark
SDS 2-DU-24V27.900.0124 V DC / ±15 % / 4 A18.00 kg
SDS 2-DU-230V27.900.02230 V AC / +10 % ... -15 % / 50 Hz110 W / 145 VA18.00 kg
SDS 2-DU-24V-Set27.900.0324 V DC / ±15 % / 4 A36.00 kg2 installation sets required
SDS 2-DU-230V-Set27.900.04230 V AC / +10 % ... -15 % / 50 Hz110 W / 145 VA36.00 kg2 installation sets required

Approvals / Certificates

These products are also available with the following approvals:


SDS 2-DU - Skylight drive system (drive unit) (341KB)

SDS 2-DU-230V - Skylight Drive System 230V (1.28KB)
SDS 2-DU-230V-Set - Skylight Drive System 230V Set (1.31KB)
SDS 2-DU-24V - Skylight Drive System 24V (1.25KB)
SDS 2-DU-24V-Set - Skylight Drive System 24V Set (1.29KB)

SDS 2 - Skylight system (1.47MB)