RT operation unit with ventilation button

RT BE45-1-LT

The RT BE45-1-LT operation unit for the RT 45 SHEV operation panel features additional ventilation buttons.
RT BE45-1-LT
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RT BE45-1-LT

Performance features

  • Can be used as main or auxiliary control panel
  • Function: SHEV OPEN, SHEV Reset
  • Function: Ventilation OPEN, Ventilation CLOSED
  • Display: Operational standby, alarm triggered, fault and ventilation ON

Technical Data

Input voltage DC 18 … 28 V DC
Temperature range -5 °C ... +40 °C
W x H 105 x 115 mm
Weight 0.05 kg


TypeArt. No
RT BE45-1-LT66.103.05

Approvals / Certificates


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RT BE45-1-LT [66.103.05]