SHEV operation panel

RT 45

The RT 45 SHEV operation panel is used to trigger and reset SHEV systems. Additional display elements for operational standby, alarms and faults are available.
RT 45 RT 45/B RT 45/G RT 45/R RT 45/Y
Product NamePriceQty
RT 45
RT 45/B
RT 45/G
RT 45/R
RT 45/Y

Performance features

  • For 24 V DC D+H smoke vent control panels
  • Can be used as main or auxiliary control panel
  • For manually triggering a SHEV system in case of fire
  • Function: SHEV OPEN, SHEV Reset
  • Display: Operational standby, alarm triggered and fault
  • Integrated ventilation button, optional
  • Lockable surface‑mounted aluminium die‑cast housing with break‑type glass, keys and designation labels in 32 languages
  • Available in 5 powder‑coated colours

Technical Data

Input voltage DC 18 … 28 V DC
Type of protection IP 40
Temperature range -5 °C ... +40 °C
Housing Die-cast aluminium
W x H x D 129 x 138 x 39 mm
Weight 0.31 kg


TypeArt. NoColourRemark
RT 4565.403.23Orange (~ RAL 2011)Complete SHEV operation panel
RT 45/B65.403.26Blue (~ RAL 5009)Complete SHEV operation panel
RT 45/G65.403.24Grey (~ RAL 7035)Complete SHEV operation panel
RT 45/R65.403.25Red (~ RAL 3000)Complete SHEV operation panel
RT 45/Y65.403.27Yellow (~ RAL 1004)Complete SHEV operation panel

Approvals / Certificates

These products are also available with the following approvals:

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RT 45 / RT 45-LT - SHEV operating panel (4.15MB)

RT 45 - SHEV operation panel orange (836B)
RT 45/B - SHEV operation panel blue (834B)
RT 45/G - SHEV operation panel grey (834B)
RT 45/R - SHEV operation panel red (832B)
RT 45/Y - SHEV operation panel yellow (838B)

RT 45 / RT 45-LT - Operation panel (2.79MB)


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