Room sensor for CO², temperature und air humidity


The analogue RACO2/T/F-U-D room sensor monitors the air quality in living and office spaces. A colour LCD display shows the values for air temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration measured by the integrated sensor. For the implementation of automated ventilation applications, the measured values can be transmitted to a control panel via a 0-10 V output signal and evaluated there.
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Performance features

  • Room sensor for carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity measurement
  • For automatically controlling ventilation flaps in conjunction with the CPS-M and ADM
  • Surface-mounted installation
  • Measuring ranges
    - CO²: 0 - 2000 ppm / 0 - 5000 ppm
    - Temperature: 24 pre-set ranges adjustable
    - Air humidity: 0 - 100 %

Technical Data

Supply 24 V DC / 0.1 A
Output signal 0-10 V
Type of protection IP 30
Housing Plastic
Colour White
W x H x D 87.5 x 87.5 x 30 mm
Weight 0.10 kg


TypeArt. No

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RACO2/T/F-U-D - Room sensor for Co2, temperature and air humidity (770.15KB)

RACO2/T/F-U-D / RTR / ITR / TR - Automatic controller (2.11MB)

RACO2/T/F-U-D [70.100.10]