Ventilation switch

LS 84-U-V

Even more convenient ventilation: Our ventilation switch allow your windows, flaps and skylights to open to the maximum stroke at the press of one button. The LS 84-U-V switches your 230 V drives without an additional controller.
LS 84-U-V
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LS 84-U-V

Performance features

  • For controlling a 230 V AC ventilation group
  • Ventilation OPEN / STOP / CLOSED via double button; buttons mechanically interlocked; STOP by repeated/renewed press of rocker switch back to starting position
  • For installing in 55 mm flush‑mounted socket (not included)

Technical Data

Input voltage AC 230 V AC
Type of protection IP 20
Housing Plastic
Colour White
W x H 80 x 80 mm
Weight 0.30 kg


TypeArt. No
LS 84-U-V63.701.45

Approvals / Certificates


LT 84 / LS 84 / SLT 42 - Ventilation button (1.63MB)

LS 84-U-V [63.701.45]