Line plug-in unit

LE 513

The LE 513 line plug-in unit is used exclusively for the RZN 43xx-E plug-in unit control panel for integrating smoke detectors and smoke buttons into a SHEV system.
LE 513
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LE 513

Performance features

  • For recording and evaluating alarm triggers
  • Connection of up to 8 SHEV operation panels and 14 fire detectors per line (Only detectors permitted by D+H may be used)
  • Functions:
    - Line ON / OFF
    - Displays for alarm and fault
    - Control of group plug‑in units for SHEV alarm

Technical Data


TypeArt. No
LE 51330.625.60

Approvals / Certificates


LE 513 - Line plug-in unit (22.51KB)

LE 513 [30.625.60]