Louvre window drive


Narrow design and concealed cable infeed: the louvre drives of the LD Series boast more than 1500 colour options, which means you can always find a design that matches the building architecture. The LDx-5-ACB design features an integrated 230 V power supply unit.
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Performance features

  • Max. force of pressure and tensile force of 1400 N and 1800 N
  • Holding force of 5000 N for very large louvre windows
  • Direct control via 230 V AC
  • Louvre window drive can be adapted for all common louvre manufacturers (such as EuroLam, Fieger, HAHN, NACO, Schneider + Nölke)
  • Centrally supported driver position
  • Developed based on EN 12101-2
  • Can be used  for openings for smoke exhaust and for daily ventilation
  • With BSY+ motor and synchronised electronics controlled via microprocessor
  • With a sound pressure level of LpA ≤ 45 dB(A), the drive is among the quietest of its class
  • Corrosion‑protected drive components
  • Programmable drive functions and different drive parameters
  • Additional passive and active anti‑trap protection system for the main closing edges with reversing function
  • Integrated ACB (Advanced Communication Bus) bus interface with Modbus RTU protocol
  • The drive is integrated directly via open bus communication through the ACB (Advanced Communication Bus), e.g. in a building management system

Technical Data

Performance 52 W / 75 VA
Force of pressure 1800 N
Tensile force 1800 N
Nominal locking force 5000 N
Nominal force 1800 N
Service life 20000 double strokes
Stroke 36 - 90 mm
OPEN running speed 2 mm/s
CLOSED running speed 2 mm/s
Type of protection IP 40
Emission sound pressure level LpA ≤ 45 dB(A)
Temperature range -5 °C … +75 °C *
Fire resistance B300 (30 min / 300 °C)
Housing Aluminium
Surface Anodized
Connection Silicone cable
W x H x D 365 x 67 x 38 mm
* In accordance with VdS 2580


TypeArt. NoRemark
LDx-524.021.15Variable equipment possible

Potential drive options

Approvals / Certificates

Find out about permission details from your D+H Partner.


LDx-1, LDx-5, LDx - Louvre window drive (158.87KB)

LDx-5 - Louvre window drive (2.05MB)

LDx-1-ACB, LDx-5-ACB - Louvre window drive (1.34MB)
LDx-1-PLP, LDx-5 - Louvre window drive (1.23MB)

LDx-5 [24.021.15]