Chain drive

KA 54

KA 34's big brother: Just as robust and reliable but the KA 54 SHEV chain drive is significantly more powerful with 500 N. Exceptionally flexible and universally applicable. For mounted installation.
KA 54/350 KA 54/500 KA 54/600 KA 54/800 KA-PLP
Product NamePriceQty
KA 54/350
KA 54/500
KA 54/600
KA 54/800

Performance features

  • Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust; D+H Euro SHEV in accordance with EN 12101‑2; and for daily ventilation
  • With motor electronics controlled via microprocessor
  • High‑speed function (HS) for especially fast opening windows in case of fire (SHEV)
  • Special chain stabilisation
  • Pressure applications up to 600 mm, application tension stroke lengths >1000 mm possible
  • Relief of pressure on window gasket after closing process
  • Programmable drive functions and different drive parameters
  • Running speed in CLOSED direction decreases to 5 mm/s (passive closing edge protection)
  • Time-controlled reversing when an obstacle is detected in the CLOSED direction (active closing edge protection)

Technical Data

Supply 24 V DC / ±15 % / 1.4 A
Force of pressure 500 N
Tensile force 500 N
Nominal locking force 2000 N
Service life 20000 double strokes *
Stroke 350 - 1300 mm
OPEN running speed 11.8 mm/s
OPEN running speed - SHEV 13.3 mm/s
CLOSED running speed 11.8 mm/s
Type of protection IP 32
Emission sound pressure level LpA ≤ 70 dB(A)
Temperature range -5 °C ... +75 °C
Fire resistance B300 (30 min / 300 °C)
Housing Aluminium
Surface Powder-coated
Colour White aluminium (~ RAL 9006)
Connection 2.5 m silicone cable
Dimension A 421 - 902 mm
Dimension B 247.5 - 728.5
* For vertical use, please consult with D+H Sales!


TypeArt. NoStrokeDimension ADimension BWeightRemark
KA 54/35026.001.10350 mm421 mm247.5 mm1.60 kg
KA 54/50026.001.15500 mm496 mm322.5 mm1.90 kg
KA 54/60026.001.20600 mm546 mm372.5 mm2.20 kg
KA 54/80026.001.30800 mm646 mm472.5 mm2.60 kgObserve pressure load diagram!
KA-PLP26.000.00Variable equipment possible

Brackets are not included and have to be ordered separately.

Potential drive options

Approvals / Certificates

These products are also available with the following approvals:

Find out about permission details from your D+H Partner.


KA x4/1000 - Chain drive, 1000mm stroke (1.11MB)
KA x4/1100 - Chain drive, 1100mm stroke (1.14MB)
KA x4/1200 - Chain drive, 1200mm stroke (1.25MB)
KA x4/1300 - Chain drive, 1300mm stroke (1.3MB)
KA x4/250 - Chain drive, 250mm stroke (589.2KB)
KA x4/350 - Chain drive, 350mm stroke (672.27KB)
KA x4/500 - Chain drive, 500mm stroke (778.05KB)
KA x4/600 - Chain drive, 600mm stroke (853.3KB)
KA x4/700 - Chain drive, 700mm stroke (919.46KB)
KA x4/800 - Chain drive, 800mm stroke (940.56KB)

KA 34 / KA 54 - Chain drive (3.16MB)

KA-PLP, KA-BSY+, KA-K, KA-K-BSY+ Set, KA-TW-BSY+, KA-TW-KSY+ - Chain drive KA (5.33MB)

KA 54/350 [26.001.10]
KA 54/500 [26.001.15]
KA 54/600 [26.001.20]
KA 54/800 [26.001.30]
KA-PLP [26.000.00]


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