Pulse module

IM 44-E

Our IM 44-E pulse module is an exclusive expansion for the line plug-in unit of the RZN 43xx-E and converts incoming continuous signals into pulses.
IM 44-E
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IM 44-E

Performance features

  • For alarm triggering and resetting the SHEV system (RZN‑E) when using pulse control
  • For converting continuous switch signals to pulse switching signals, e.g. in conjunction with pulse solenoid valves
  • For installation on RM / RT central slot

Technical Data


TypeArt. No
IM 44-E30.552.80

Approvals / Certificates


IM 44-K/M; IM 44-E - Impulse Module (1.51MB)

IM 44-E [30.552.80]