I/O module

I/O module

Our I/O module enables communication between the AdComNet bus and commercially available peripherals via digital inputs and isolated contacts.
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Performance features

  • 8 user‑configurable inputs (alarm, fault, LT)
  • 8 user‑configurable outputs (alarm, fault, OPEN signal)
  • 1 line for the connection of fire detectors and SHEV operation panels
  • Ability to connect to other fields such as fire alarm system / building management system / weather sensor system
  • LED display of input and output states
  • Pre‑configured functions for simple integration into the AdComNet network
  • Functions within and outside of the segment remain intact, even if other segments have a defect
  • Manual signal triggering of inputs using integrated buttons
  • Power supply possible via SHEV control panel
  • Additional battery capacity of 1.2 Ah required

Technical Data


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Approvals / Certificates

These products are also available with the following approvals:


ACN-IO501 - AdComNet I/O Module (3.72MB)

ACN-IO501 - AdComNet (1.07MB)

ACN-IO501 [30.553.80]