CNV control panel

GVL 8408-M

Control multiple drive groups at the same time: The GVL 8408-M control panel is our powerful variant for controlled natural ventilation.
ZP-GVL 8408-M
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ZP-GVL 8408-M

Performance features

  • Expandable ventilation control panel
  • For controlling 24 V DC window drives
  • Up to 8 A total drive current
  • Stabilised output voltage
  • 5 ventilation groups
  • Input for external controller, e.g. timer
  • Configurable ventilation safety function (storage operation OPEN / CLOSED)
  • Weather automation for individual groups can be switched on / off
  • Comfort ventilation functions using additional modules

Technical Data

Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 240 VA
Stand-by power 2.5 W
Output 24 V DC / 8 A
Mode of operation Short-time duty 20 % duty cycle
Temperature range -5 °C … +40 °C


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ZP-GVL 8408-M30.202.605.60 kg

Approvals / Certificates

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GVL 8408-M - Ventilation Control Panel 8 A (1.7MB)

GVL 8408-M - Ventilation control panel (1.28MB)

ZP-GVL 8408-M [30.202.60]