Sequence control module

FS 41

The FS 41 sequence control module is intended for chronological co-ordinated activation of motorised, overlapping window sashes.
FS 41
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FS 41

Performance features

  • For consistent opening and closing of motor‑operated, overlapping window sashes
  • Delays the start‑up of a sash side in the OPEN / CLOSED direction to guarantee safe opening/closing
  • Switching capacity 24 V DC / max 50 W (2 A) per sash
  • For installing on the control panel or on‑site junction box

Technical Data


TypeArt. No
FS 4130.550.60

Approvals / Certificates


FS 41 - Drive sequence control module (23.59KB)

FS 41 - Drive sequence control module (98.46KB)

Module - Extension modules (2.81MB)

FS 41 [30.550.60]