Window locking drive


Safety first: Your windows lock automatically thanks to this drive. The FRA 11-BSY+ replaces the handles on your window sashes and provides an increased level of burglary protection.
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Performance features

  • With motor electronics controlled via microprocessor for communication and sequence control of connected BSY+ and PLP window drives for opening windows
  • To be used in conjunction with an internal chamber gearbox and 43 mm mounting distance
  • Can be combined with any D+H drive with BSY+ technology
  • BRV (for PLP) or VP (for BSY+ / ACB) option required for connected window drive
  • Up to 4 FRA 11‑BSY+ drives on one window possible
  • Position display for the locking mechanism
  • LED status display for the drive
  • Automatic locking mechanism for the window
  • Increased burglary protection

Technical Data

Supply 24 V DC / ±15 % / 1 A
Torque 10 Nm
Rotation angle 90° / 180 °
Service life > 10000 cycles
Type of protection IP 40
Emission sound pressure level LpA ≤ 70 dB(A)
Temperature range -5 °C ... +75 °C
Fire resistance B300 (30 min / 300 °C)
Housing Polyamide
Surface Painted
Connection 2.5 m silicone cable
W x H x D 43 x 200 x 43 mm


TypeArt. NoColourWeightRemark
FRA 11-BSY+24.000.11Silver (~ RAL 9006)0.75 kg
FRA-BSY+ kgVariable equipment possible

Potential drive options

Approvals / Certificates

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FRA 11 - Window locking bar drive (833.98KB)

FRA 11-BSY+ - Window locking bar drive (2.13MB)

FRA 11-BSY+ - BSY+ wind. lock. bar drive 24V (1.14KB)

FRA 11-BSY+ - Window locking drive (350.04KB)


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